Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mypayingad not paying

I was about to admire mypayingads  site for having reach its new year from crisis. The crisis that they had passed was about the Paypal holding their account and no money could be drawn out unless changes to their policy were implimented.   

I was at that time new to revenue sharing program and i think they are much earlier having a problem with paypal than traffic monsoon.  Now i am sensing that they have another problem which i dont know , but probably its about funding, which is always. 

How do i sense this problem? 

I was so excited that purchasing of adpacks with mypayingads was continuos after they had their problem with paypal was resolve . I was very active with mypayingads starting last year 2016 and had purchased  adpacks and even cashout.  But not this January 8, 2017  . my total adpack was 42 then i purchased 1 additional adpack which is  $5 and expect that total adpack becomes  43 but it did not increased.  I complained about this matter with the admin but the explanation was that i might had seen the decreased of the adpack which was already completed.  I know it probably was but purchasing on the day and not seeing it increased is a big question. 

Mu purchased was in January 8, 2017 now its January 15 and my adpack is not decreasing it is still 42.  I really am puzzled why mypayingads is behaving this way. I tried to google about mypayingads but  there is post that says it has a problem although  the 2016 problem about paypal could be the one and its affecting the site up to this moment. 

To prove my point that they have some problem which they are not explaining. I request for a cash withdrawal this January 10, 2017 , now it is  January 15, 2017 and there is no cashout but before in only a day  you can receive your cashout.  I dont what would happen with this site , since there are no explanation on their status. 

Given this situation i am worried with the other site which is a sister site of mypayingads it is mycryptoads which is a bitcoin site.  I tried to cashout with the site but there is NOW a limit of 1 bitcoin and minimum of 0.01  but before there was no limit ,  Why now limit ?  Probably it as affected by sudden de valued of 1 bitcoin which was 1bitcoin = $1000 now its about 1bitcoin to $800.

Its really a risky situation ?  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Latest from TNT ( traffic network takeover)

I had posted two articles regarding the problems of cashout with Traffic Network Takeover which is owned by the consultant Ryan Hauser.  I am particularly concern why such a big time consultant Ryan Hauser is not giving any reply to what is happening with Traffic Network Takeover which he said is different and will not be like other revshare programs . He is saying this because he is an experienced  network marketer and a consultant.  He have a lot of experienced and he knows the reason why the other revshare programs are failing.

I have high regards with this guy even though i had not earned yet for almost a year with any of his programs.  I cannot imagine why a $50 cashout could not be given,  which is a little amount from my more than six months of  clicking, visiting and investing on his revshare .

I had not deleted my account since the site had not been closed and i still received messages about my account , the latest was about the closure of my request for a cashout which had not been answered. The only reply was they are going to closed the ticket regarding the request for cashout.

Now at long last this December 29, 2016  , i happened to visit the site and a video of the owner Ryan Hauser is promising to give an update regarding the traffic network takeover. But the members still had to wait for the second week of January 2017 to know what is happening with traffic network takeover.

Now he is talking about data that had to be finished with TNT and wait for an email to members. I wonder what this update would be,  hoping for a good one this coming New Year ..

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Traffic Network Takeover still a problem

From my last article i had discussed that this revenue sharing site of Ryan Hauser is not paying requested cashout which is still pending last November 29, 2016 . And they have not replied or explained what is happening.  Its not only me ,  all members in TNT complaining and Ryan says its been hacked . He should know that he's an expert :

The latest message was still there soliciting of payment for the membership which will be the way they can get rid of their obligation to cashout . They will just say you are not paying the membership then you cannot have a cashout.  And they will only say we are paying according to the order of request,  i dont know when will be my time.

AT THIS TIME , December 22, 2016  no explanation whatsoever with Ryan Hauser and his fate would be the same as the Traffic Monsoon , except  the owner of the TM has a lot of money which can pay any member , i dont know with Ryan Hauser . His other revenue sharing site will suffer the same and his other programs

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Problem with Traffic Network Takeover of Ryan Hauser

I met the programs of Ryan Hauser when revenue sharing programs was at its "boom" . This was the time when  traffic monsoon  was leading the revenue sharing euphoria was at its highest.  I also registered with Ryan Hausers  free site for its free training.

At first the free training site was "free"  then when he made the program a paying one. The payment was for those who are affiliated with his revenue sharing programs which was booming at that time. The payments which was a monthly fee was for the referrals and the free training.  Luckily after a few months i had about eight referrals but not active ones, until i felt its not working. This was also the time when "traffic monsoon" was having problems with its finances with paypal and up to this time a case with Securities and Exchange Commission.

I felt that there was a problem with "traffic network takeover" when my cash withdrawal that i was requesting was on the pending status but later it was approved.  

I also read in the FB account of traffic network takeover that the person who was supposed to be the admin was resigning of being a part of TNT.  Then came to this time this December 2016  that i had a request since November 29, 2016 when it became pending again .

The  latest cash withdrawal request was the  second one which had been pending since November 2016  and they had not replied considering that i had been  investing and expecting a revenue share for near a year now.

Invested for the traffic with revenue sharing  had reached  the thousand dollars and surely this site had  profited already and my request is a legal and valid one since they have a program for revenue sharing ? Considering the purchased position earnings , $50 or $100 is only 5% of the total?

The latest messages that i had sent  had no reply , i really dont know what is happening ? but if you are reading this  , its  beginning to  feel a scamming  program .

I know that there are a lot of programs with Ryan Hauser but having no reply with my messages is tantamount to ignoring  his member which had been loyal and following his program.  I hope this could be clarified if not , then  Ryan Hauser's  program is again  not reliable.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

first donation is a milestone

Milestone means an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I consider a first donation a milestone which was only a few days after joining the platform.

I consider milestone or the start of development in online earnings when in only a few days you received registration for the platform and the 1st donation came in. Thanks 

What do you think of a program online is this ? Let me discussed this and explained about this ?

This is a platform, an income earning software, not a website, no one owns it, no monthly payment and its free to join but there is a big potential for you to earn.  Its actually a peer to peer system where members pay and earn from donations. The developer of this program explains in detail on the video what is 

The idea that i had seen about peer to peer system is on bitcoin but there was central system which is blockchain that governs the bitcoin technology. But this crowdrising.net maybe is the simple version in a way.  You start being a member thru your invitation , then you donate to the person who invite you . When your invitation is approve then you start now to be the one to invite and receive $20 donation , not only $20 but $100 with additional five invites and registrant on your account. Then you are now ready to take another level , where you donate another person with $40 and again receive $1000 for donors   Then its another level to reached ..and so on how much and how patiently wait for more invitations and donations to make. A more detailed description and procedure is available on the site if you register

I am still a new member on level 1 though i already received registrants and a donation of a person of $20 , given a guide and tools needed to invite others , i patiently believe that this program is a good platform to receive additional earnings.  Comparing with other income generating program,  there is no monthly fees, it was not designed by the owner to make money out of admin fees.  There are still a lot of people online that is not convinced of donating to others, though they are spending a lot of money and wait for nothing , I had been there , i spent money for a program that there was no return. 
I also had waited for programs that suddenly closed. See also other members testimonials with regards to this platform ,

Join CrowdRising and be part of an elite, explosive team and experience financial growth made from what history would call legend!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Paying Ads getting greater

In my experienced with revenue sharing programs for almost a year its only this last quarter of the year 2016 that i am getting some good results.  The revenue sharing programs which i register as a member had problems with Paypal and now SEC. Though in the past other revenue sharing sites had also suffered accounts locked with Paypal but they had overcome it and their money was brought back to them.  They are also some sites that were not affected and i would consider now getting results; 

My paying ads is not an investment site but a traffic generating site and shares their income on traffic sales which is actually was the scheme ever since traffic sites were online. The term revenue sharing programs was actually a catchy word and we may consider the present traffic sites sharing their income has a much higher give out than the traffic sites before and until now.  I am still a member of this traffic exchange sites like clixsense which are low in results in terms of traffic and shares. 

But now with where i started March 2016 and now its Sept 2016 its only six months and i would like to share some results ; 

Payments history from membership to purchase of ads packages ; 

The image above is a part of the whole payments history that i had with MPA which is not that big its only $5 and its for six months , majority of payments are ads packages . For every ads packages there is a corresponding ad credits that you purchased and you use for your traffic.  Then daily you also had to surf about 10 ads a day. With the activities of surfing of ads required you are qualified to be shared with earnings on sales of traffic.  Adding to this  you also get additional earnings and credits surfing more of other ads which is about 300 sites, this is not obligatory, its up to you if you want to add more for your earnings. 

Now the great part of what every online income seeker wants , the CASHOUTS

   With the images of cashouts and payments made to MPA  you will arrive at this resulta ; 

      Total cashouts as of  October 3/16  a period of 7 months i got  about     $50.00 
       Total payments with payment processors directly thru payza   is about  $42.00
       Total payments with earnings from daily activities                                 $145.00

   With the calculations we can readily see that MPA had been paying when ever the balance reaches the amount of  $10 and its fast within 24 hours you can get your cashouts. With regards to the cashouts ,  i am already ok with the initial cashout of  $50 in the sense that i had already recovered the direct payment and the rest of purchases of ad packs was done thru earnings from activites. If i will be comparing this with my other revenue sharing programs like TNT , i had put about a thousand dollars both on actual pay processors and thru earnings within the same period of six months like MPA and i had only cash out $50 nevertheless its still good, whenever there are cashout and the sites are sharing.  

With this testimony i see that is getting greater and i am to purchasing more adpacakges and bigger to get more CO. And i hope you ll join me. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is MPA the same as TM

MPA  is "my paying ads" and TM is "Traffic Monsoon" both are recognize as revenue sharing programs.  So should we say that MPA is the same as TM ? I would say that they are the same is the sense that its both an advertising sites , a revenue sharing program where you buy adpacks and earn from it and also a paid to click program.

The difference with this two revenue sharing programs as described was that TM still have a case with Paypal and now with SEC (US) but with MPA the money that was frozen with Paypal had been returned and they had some changes with their policies ( we will examine that the later) . With the paypal issue resolved and with MPA's continuity online , it probably had been exonorated as an investment site where Paypal or SEC is closing revenue sharing programs.

The much difference in my experienced with this two revenue sharing sites was that i had bought a lot of adpacks with traffic monsoon that runs about a thousand and had only returned less that 10% but with MPA , my input was not much and i had already got it with only a few cashouts ;

  The cashout is not the basis to say that this site is going good but it had made a difference with other sites in the sense that i am starting to CO  in a week time, Though i had purchase adpacks that had accumulated to about 20 and now its 17.  I also had not put in cash , i always purchase the adpacks with earnings.  Given this developments i would say that MPA  is good and searching for other post regarding MPA , they are saying that it is a SCAM . My basis is why paypal had no longer any issue with this site , it should have been closed before. Any way we will see how this site will prevail but at the moment its giving out the CO being requested.

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