Saturday, February 4, 2017

From Uday a new server but ..

I had said before that there were problems with mypayingads but gradually it had been resolved. When i sensed there was a problem with withdrawals then in a few days it was clarified and i had received  the cashouts.  Now i was worried  that maybe what had happen to TNT, getting bankrupt and closing will also happen to MPA  but that had not happened.  Their latest problem was getting bigger and they have to switch to a new server and they had work on this for about 2 days. Now its finished though there is something that still they had to work on; 

Here's the latest update from the owner Uday ; 

At present this site is highly recommendable as well as its sister site  here are the links ' 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Mypayingads update on withdrawals

Its probably coincidental that TNT and MPA  had the same problem . The problem was regarding withdrawals actually its the request for cashout.  Though my problem with TNT was for two months now but MPA  is not the same as TNT.  My problem with MPA  was only a few weeks but it had responded already with my request which was only $5 before , $10 and the latest was $30. 

Since there was no reply before regarding the request i had tried to search and i forgot that they have an FB site where aside from the support menu all members could send their concern . That is what i did and a member had contacted the owner and he posted it on you tube,  here is the status update; 


 Updates on the withdrawals from a member who had contacted Mr. Uday the owner of mypayingads.  The summary was that Uday had made the withdrawal manually and had stop automatic withdrawals for security reason. He knows Mr. Uday that there are hackers who could be attacking the site as what is happening with others. So until there is still security problems and the upgrade had not addressed the hackers  then it has to be manual withdrawals but it will take time becoz thousands per members withdrawals are happening. 

The good thing here is that MPA is not getting anywhere and i hope what had happened to other rev sharing programs will not happen to MPA and MPCA. 

Here's is another updates from the admin , the latest so far;

I hope that MPA and MPCA  overcome this problem which for my experienced online had been happening after six months of operation or after a year so its really a risky business but as of this site can be recommended    and

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Traffic Network Takeover bankrupt and closing

Remember the last article i post about "TNT" like a bomb , traffic network takeover here was the video of the owner Ryan Hauser ; 

With this video the owner Ryan Hauser was asking for the middle of January 2017 to make an analysis of what happen to TNT .  He said he needs time for the revenue sharing program to be analyzed and if possible give some people bonuses . 

I felt that something was wrong with the site TNT because i was requesting for a cashout but and i did not have it for almost two months now . Came this video of the owner that he needs time to analyze what had happen.  

I gave in to see the real explanation of what is happening but then i was already feeling that the site is not earning and no revenue could be shared but still i want to give the owner a chance of he had to say to what happened.  I was waiting he said the half of January would be enough time to reveal his analysis but its already  January 28, 2017 and t January is ending until i saw a post on facebook about  supposedly email  that i had to received since he promised it. 

Here is the post message ; 

I was right all along that TNT does not have money to share the revenue , i do think the overall revenue programs since traffic monsoon fails. So even if a guru like Ryan Hauser who before claims that his TNT site and his daughter WTF also a revenue sharing programs are failures.  

Monday, January 23, 2017

MPA a new chance

I am giving a new chance for my MPA (mypayingads) . It means that what i was formerly thinking was not being objective though there is still a doubt on what is really happening with this site.

I posted two articles regarding my latest experienced with this 
site. The latest negative experiences were the none increase on the adpacks,  then the delay on CO or withdrawals which is not that big onyly $5 . I cannot imagine that this site cannot give a cashout of $5. 

This two latest experienced had been given answers. I was probably wrong to conclude that the site did not increased my purchased of adpacks.  There reason before was that , i probably had encounter the completion of ads that is why when i purchase an adpack there was no increased ,  though i still could not get it. 

But they are now giving notice of ads being completed after a few days of your adpack being purchased so  this was probably what happened.  Now my adpack had now reduced . 

Since the non increased of my adpacks before happened , i consider not purchasing again for the adpacks , because i was in doubt with what was going.  So what i did was to  request for withdrawal and  it happened i received a $5 CO  , then  i request again and also received  $10 . This CO made me think  that they are really a serious adsite.  

Though what had happened is a warning call not to engage big time .  Be prepared to lose on what you can afford , though you aim to win. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mypayingad not paying

I was about to admire mypayingads  site for having reach its new year from crisis. The crisis that they had passed was about the Paypal holding their account and no money could be drawn out unless changes to their policy were implimented.   

I was at that time new to revenue sharing program and i think they are much earlier having a problem with paypal than traffic monsoon.  Now i am sensing that they have another problem which i dont know , but probably its about funding, which is always. 

How do i sense this problem? 

I was so excited that purchasing of adpacks with mypayingads was continuos after they had their problem with paypal was resolve . I was very active with mypayingads starting last year 2016 and had purchased  adpacks and even cashout.  But not this January 8, 2017  . my total adpack was 42 then i purchased 1 additional adpack which is  $5 and expect that total adpack becomes  43 but it did not increased.  I complained about this matter with the admin but the explanation was that i might had seen the decreased of the adpack which was already completed.  I know it probably was but purchasing on the day and not seeing it increased is a big question. 

Mu purchased was in January 8, 2017 now its January 15 and my adpack is not decreasing it is still 42.  I really am puzzled why mypayingads is behaving this way. I tried to google about mypayingads but  there is post that says it has a problem although  the 2016 problem about paypal could be the one and its affecting the site up to this moment. 

To prove my point that they have some problem which they are not explaining. I request for a cash withdrawal this January 10, 2017 , now it is  January 15, 2017 and there is no cashout but before in only a day  you can receive your cashout.  I dont what would happen with this site , since there are no explanation on their status. 

Given this situation i am worried with the other site which is a sister site of mypayingads it is mycryptoads which is a bitcoin site.  I tried to cashout with the site but there is NOW a limit of 1 bitcoin and minimum of 0.01  but before there was no limit ,  Why now limit ?  Probably it as affected by sudden de valued of 1 bitcoin which was 1bitcoin = $1000 now its about 1bitcoin to $800.

Its really a risky situation ?  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Latest from TNT ( traffic network takeover)

I had posted two articles regarding the problems of cashout with Traffic Network Takeover which is owned by the consultant Ryan Hauser.  I am particularly concern why such a big time consultant Ryan Hauser is not giving any reply to what is happening with Traffic Network Takeover which he said is different and will not be like other revshare programs . He is saying this because he is an experienced  network marketer and a consultant.  He have a lot of experienced and he knows the reason why the other revshare programs are failing.

I have high regards with this guy even though i had not earned yet for almost a year with any of his programs.  I cannot imagine why a $50 cashout could not be given,  which is a little amount from my more than six months of  clicking, visiting and investing on his revshare .

I had not deleted my account since the site had not been closed and i still received messages about my account , the latest was about the closure of my request for a cashout which had not been answered. The only reply was they are going to closed the ticket regarding the request for cashout.

Now at long last this December 29, 2016  , i happened to visit the site and a video of the owner Ryan Hauser is promising to give an update regarding the traffic network takeover. But the members still had to wait for the second week of January 2017 to know what is happening with traffic network takeover.

Now he is talking about data that had to be finished with TNT and wait for an email to members. I wonder what this update would be,  hoping for a good one this coming New Year ..

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Traffic Network Takeover still a problem

From my last article i had discussed that this revenue sharing site of Ryan Hauser is not paying requested cashout which is still pending last November 29, 2016 . And they have not replied or explained what is happening.  Its not only me ,  all members in TNT complaining and Ryan says its been hacked . He should know that he's an expert :

The latest message was still there soliciting of payment for the membership which will be the way they can get rid of their obligation to cashout . They will just say you are not paying the membership then you cannot have a cashout.  And they will only say we are paying according to the order of request,  i dont know when will be my time.

AT THIS TIME , December 22, 2016  no explanation whatsoever with Ryan Hauser and his fate would be the same as the Traffic Monsoon , except  the owner of the TM has a lot of money which can pay any member , i dont know with Ryan Hauser . His other revenue sharing site will suffer the same and his other programs

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