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wait and see with profit clicking

Well its already  near the end of October 2012 and the former justbeenpaid had been purchased by and the migration from jbp to PC started , i believe in Ausgust 2012 . Now, whats  the good news for this ? The good news was that there is a new more professionally designed of the former justbeenpaid which is now profit clicking...

See the new PC ( profitclicking) formerly justbeenpaid;

The image is the members area of profitclicking. As you can see its more professionally looking than the former justbeenpaid , i dont know if you had seen the former site. From August 2012 to October 2012 the PC site had now been operational and as with the image the menus that can be used now are ;

UPDATES- MONEY MONITOR - ad packages only

Wait and See with profitclicking;

I started with since January 2012. Since i register…

legiit, paying, lots of adverts better PTC

Its almost two months since i started with and i find it fun in having a lot of adverts that gives you more earnings per click. Having a lot of adverts makes you faster to reach the minimum cashout. 

My latest payments;

PTC investigation findings on;

AyuWagehas been online and paying for over 2 years now. True, it had a few glitches here and there, but overall it is a good site to earn from. Site will remain on the Legit List. If any changes are found, we will be sure to update and let everyone know.

How do you earn with;

1. Register with 

2. Go on the site and log in with your username and password, login. 

3. Click on the start earning. the image below will appear where you choose what action to make.

    You can visit all of the above, except  some menus have no actions to take.  But with view sites, regular sites and live surf you are sure of almost 100 adverts. The key here is to have the patience to click on all adverts. The live surf whic…

long delayed payments settled

On my last posted article  i discussed about account. I had inform  that it had  taken more than two months since my cash withdrawal request. Now the long delayed payments was settled.  In October 5/12  i received the payment from mybrowsercash for my request, thanks.

Here is the proof ;

Based on this had until this time had not  been up to date with his payments to members. It took me  more than two months to wait for a $20,  When i came to know MBC they were up to date and i even categorize the site as the great site as compared with Neobux, clixsense because of earnings with the site. But said to say to say , they still have a lot to recover and reached their former status.

But as it is i will still be active with their site and hope they resolve their problems on payment.

long delayed payments means scheming

MBC means  mybrowsercash,  a well known Paid to Click site  when i registered last November 2011.  I considered it the best in comparison with other paid to click sites like neobux or clixsense but at the moment coming one year with the site, i don't consider it great PTC site. It had delayed my cash withdrawals for two months now. For me "long delayed payments means scheming", they have no explanation about the long delayed payments or selective payments.

Here is a copy of image where I was requesting for my cash withdrawals ;

The first reason of the much delayed payment was due to many people with multiple account violations and fraudulent orders. Since i requested the reason was always there and no report of the developments regarding violators and fraudulent orders if ever they had solve the problem. Until they had come out with  new schemes.

The new scheme that they had done was that a cellphone number had to be sent to MBC, to facilitate the payment much faster. Th…

simple error account suspended

This is the third week since I registered  with and I  was really that crazy in campaigning for the program. In third week I already had 18 signups and I know that this will be a good one since I would be earning more with my own campaigns and my downlines campaign.

I did'nt know that a "simple error would make my account be suspended" With my excitement I tried to help my wife who is in another country and open her account  with her permission to see if  the campaigns for her links had prosper or she already had also signups. She does not know much about computer. And I have to guide her, i did not know that opening her account would result to both of us with account  be suspended.

So whenever i  open my account  I cannot login and a note will say that your account is suspended. Included also is  this  (Notice: We don't allow members from: China, Lithuania, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.)

A member is  only privilige to have one account. The…

simple easy get referrals campaign be paid

Since i started my paid to click job online having referrals or downlines  had been the primary source of big income. Not only the paid to click business but any business whether its  products or services, the primary and the big source of earnings comes from the client, customers and buyers for any products or services.

For programs like paid to click you need referrals or downlines to make big earnings or income.  It had always been a hard work to get referrals that is why many paid to click sites added to their business "indirect referrals" where you buy these referrals or downlines for a price. This is the easiest so far but you have to spent money to get lots of referrals.  Even getting direct referrals you have to purchase adverts to campaign for your products and services. Campaigning with traffic exchanges with a free subscription is a long shot and hard work. Though you could still get referrals or downlines with free traffic exchanges but in trickles.

It had been …

The big step to the future

This symbol or logo is the symbol for the big step to the future. had been acquired by  If your active with it is no surprise that there will be changes with the site. This was announced or had been discussed by Frederick Mann ( the man who owns justbeenpaid)  last two weeks ago about August 19/12.  What surprise me is that a new company which is  is the new owner and Frederick Mann had just sold his site, invention and the program but as to their agreement with the new owner there won't be any  changes.

With that said there are only migrations of all the accounts to the new site, a very professional site. The concept of the programs was also greatly enhanced and follows laws in particular with what the business should be of the  and how do members earn. The site is great and millions of people are already excited to do their work as members of The migration had started…

my computer was attack again by anti-virus site

Since I started blogging way back in 2008 I always encounter this viruses but I do not subscribe to any paid anti- virus or anti malware. I only used the free softwares.

So for a long time I am always aware that viruses, malwares will always try to kill my computer, so i am ready for this.

I do not subscribe to a paid anti-virus , anti- malware because I believe that there will always be new viruses, malwares and if your paid anti- virus and malware cannot wipe out the viruses a new software will be introduce and you are going to buy again a new software so its really a good business for this anti- virus and anti- malware sites.

So for almost three times that my computer was attack,  its not always a virus,  its the anti virus site that is attacking.  It had always been a strategy for this anti- virus, anti - malware site. If you accidentally click on their site, it automatically scan your site and yes it tells there are so many viruses on your site and you have to buy or subscribe t…

promote links, build list and earn

This site had attracted me it combines promotion (building your brand) and email marketing , building your list and earning.  In my dealings with paid to click sites you visit the sites, click on the ads and then you get paid for a few cents. But this bweeble they sent you emails, you click on it and if you hit the bonuses and prizes you win.

I just started for almost a week only and here's the prizes i won; Its really not impressive to see that you only earn 20 cents but I experienced in other paid to click sites that earning 20 cents will take you a long time, if you dont have referrals. So this is much better. For only a few days but if your active in reading their emails this will increase adding to this are your commissions on upgrades.

But that is not the only features of bweeble.  You can promote all of your sites with their own viral brand builder web links. You can also send and email as a Free member to the members of bweeble community weekly.

See my bweeble site ;


Changes with payment processors

First it was being bought by now comes How is this two payment processors related.

Payza with its new user agreement will affect great number of sites that has business relationship with them and the probability of loosing these clients.

The user agreement Article 7.02 will have some revisions ;

Any indication or demonstration of a literal rate of return on a contribution, payment or investment, while not being licensed to sell or solicit Selling of Unregistered/Unlicensed Stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures, or investments in any entity or property, including (but not limited to) corporations and partnerships or sole proprietorship, are prohibited. Solicitation, marketing campaign, direct selling or any other comparative effort of the aforementioned products will be considered a violation of the User Agreement. If you are registered or licensed to take such action, you may be requested to present documentation demonstrating authority…

Make money with online games

In my facebook account a lot of my friends are playing online games and they never stop on inviting me to join them. I was thinking why and what do they get from this online games? I was of the opinion that they are just wasting their time with games. BUT giving a second thought, you can "make money with online games" it just depends on what site you have to join.

And then I stumbled upon FantaZ,  a certain Paul Hardingham is always on the online ads site and never stops promoting the site, though the man is just an ordinary member from United Kingdom and the site is from California, USA.

I tried joining the group of Paul Hardingham and tried some of the games online. It was really fun and entertaining ( since i never played online games ever). Games are really amusing and will develop skills eye and hand coordination. This are the games that I tried ;

If you will look at the Top Ten games those are just simple games like the "challenge pool, pyramid solitaire, bricks …

Job online that is easy and simple

There are many jobs online,  you just have to search the web about your preferred job online. I stumbled upon a job online that  I think is easy and simple. What is need here is the skill in typing, if you cant find any job online this is really the easiest so far.

What is Protypers,com ?

It is a conglomerate of data entry specialists, who work primarily on converting scanned documents from image to text for institutions in North America and Europe. It also offer services to Neutral Network Text
Imaging developers and provide CAPTCHA decodidng for the visually impaired (blind).

It is currently hiring data entry personnel from all over the world. The only requirement to work is to have a computer, and internet connection and the ability to type over 30 Words Per Minute. and the time of work depends on your choice. The faster you type and your internet connection the more you earn.

How much do you earn?

As you can see on the image above there are different payout rates per 1000 images o…

how to know dependable PTC sites

I had been dealing with paid to click sites (PTC) for almost three years. Actually  I had a chance in my long experience to have almost  100 ptc sites which are all claiming that they are good, reliable and dependable until this numbers of PTC sites were tapered into small number until now its only about eight (8) PTC sites. Majority of the PTC sites scam the members, had problems with funding and closed shop. In my long years with paid to click site, the problem is "how to know the dependable PTC sites". 

And, there's is only one site that will greatly help all the "clickers" of PTC in knowing who the owners, the background of this paid to click site,  what are the benefits of the particular site, what is the status, how much they give and the classification of the different PTC site. This is what I discovered in my ventures with Paid to Click site, This is a great site that throughly helps "clickers" in guiding them what site…

DDOS attacks site

As i where discussing about DNS changer malware, another malware is also making its way with many websites which makes programs incapable and the site out of service. This is called DDOS , DDOS attack site and had made a menace with some of my favorite earning sites. DDOS means Distributed Denial of Service.

It is an attack where multiple compromised systems (which are usually infected with a Trojan) are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Victims of a DDoS attack consist of both the end targeted system and all systems maliciously used and controlled by the hacker in the distributed attack.

My favorite earnings sites that were attack recently were and Both sites are popular earning sites and maybe the usual target site of the hackers. I really don't know why this hackers want to give  problems to this earning sites. Favorite earnings sites are helping people that gives earnings and gives income, while t…

I think Cyber attacks is here to stay

With my latest article about DNS changer malware warning us about  what It can do to  our activity online be it personal or  business, I really become conscious to study more about this "cyber attacks". Since it is that hard to make money offline,  it will be even harder to make money online if we are not that knowledgeable about this virtual disturbances. If we are thinking of  earning money online the legitimate way , then there are some people who wants to earn online the other way, so i think cyber attacks is here to stay.

The issues of  simply getting your personal information thru other illegitimate means like phising is already a part of these cyber attacks which are even perform by legitimate online business people. There are also viruses and malwares that even the softwares offering there products  are the ones putting the viruses on our computers. So it really is like a "virtual jungle when your online", daily there are new viruses and malwares that are …

Attack of dns changer malware

In my four years being active online this is the first time I had encountered a new threat on the computers internet function. This I called  "attack of DNS changer malware". I know of viruses, worms and other infections on the computer but what I do is always clean my computer with a cleaner and anti-virus softwares from all the available brands online. And if does not work I simply load the windows xp program.
This "attack of DNS changer malware" is really the newest one online, it had infected millions of computers worlwide and still a lot of people does not know it.  If your not familiar with DNS (it means domain name server). The computer links to other site on the internet through the router and through this router with an IP address and DNS communicates  with other links or site online in order for us to link to other sites. Now what the DNS changer malware does is "change" the DNS and re-direct our links through what the operator of this "DNS …

guide for referrals on

Since I became an active member of in January 2012 up to this month of May 2012 I had 27 referrals. But I had observed that majority of this referrals had not been active. My back office says that they had not been earning. With the present mailing system features of mybrowsercash I had tried to send them messages and even with my email account but they had not responded. So given this situation there might be some problems ;

Maybe they have not met what they want. They don't  want to click on ads and complete offers. Maybe they saw that this will be the same Paid to click sites that they will be giving a lot of time clicking on ads and then earn a few cents where they will spent months before they can reach a minimum cashout which is really not worthwhile. Maybe they are just curious about the site, wanted to see what's inside. Whatever the reasons one thing that I am sure they want to EARN that is why they  registered. Because of this I decided to post this…

where to find pre-launch sites

Lexiboy the popular moderator in the aborted .org recommended a promising earning site. This site is a referral engine for websites, products and services. A site that can be use to service for fun and profit whether you are an individual or a stakeholder in a company with a product, service or website you are working to promote. Its a unique concept whom we know is greatly needed for any products and services who needs to beta test their site. When asking where to find pre-launch sites , is one site to depend on.

For Businesses: Why use PLX?

Launching with PLX opens the door to a massive built-in audience of people who are eagerly waiting to discover new products, services and websites.. They are looking for products and services which will appeal to a broad range of people and will be available to customers worldwide. They are interested in launches that will bring  users lower prices, better quality or other advantages. They are also…