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Estimated earnings from money making software

I consider the best that i had encounter as far as paid to click is concern. But to claim as such we need to make estimates on the earnings from my money making software so as to prove and to guide would be members as well as registered co-members.


It is an advertising site and a money making software that has registered members who view on adverts and earn at the same time just like other paid to click sites. But the difference is that it provides you with a money making software where ads comes from the lower right corner of your monitor to view and also click on offers to complete. It also had other source of earnings from the purchase of referral shares, direct referrals, bonuses and other programs to come like task for cash.


First and foremost we have to register and fill up our profile especially the payment processors and You also have to download the slides up software to earn much more .See…

Money making software

My money making software is about The main feature that is unique with this site is the software or application that you download on your computer that makes you  ready to earn. But of course you have to register first. Others consider this site as a paid to click site but for me it is more of a money making application with multiple streams of income. If you have download the money making software and you are browsing the web then adverts will slides up from the right down corner of your monitor, then when you click on it and view the advert you will have the money on  your account. (See the image below;;)

But if you are having problems with the download of the money making software, there is a button on  the home page of to guide you.Still you can't use it. No worry there is a button "clicks for cash" on the left side of mybrowsercash page. You can click on adverts and still earn but you will earn more with the money making software.…

Limiting my account by paypal affected mybrowsercash

I had been with Paypal since May 2007 up to this day. I had several transactions with many sites since i had been a verified member. But this March 13, 2012 I had a problem with Paypal it had limit my account.  Limiting my account by Paypal affected mybrowsercash.

When  an account is limited in my case. I cannot  cannot use my money for paying, sending, or even adding funds to my account. There are other reasons why an account could be limited .(see this site) .

In order to lift the limitations and/or to use my account I have to submit requirements such as  ID for  identity, proof of residence, bank account link and one item was about an open dispute with which had to be settled. (Note: i did not open a complain about my payment which was March 13, 2012). This payment was about the purchase of referral shares.

I was wondering why my account was on hold or limited. I was thinking that maybe the email message did not come from paypal or the email was just phishing for…

Which site is much better than any other paid to click sites

Maybe you will say its NEOBUX? no or maybe you will say its CLIXSENSE its no no?  so then which site is much better than other paid to click sites?

What is much better than any other paid to click sites ?

For me there are things that i see and experienced with this paid to click site or browser site which i consider  a much better  site than other better paid to click sites .

1. Its FREE to start with this site, but there is an option to upgrade to silver and gold which gives you more earnings.

2. It provides you a tool that pops up or slides up adverts which you click for cash equivalent. Which is different with any other paid to click sites in which you have to login to the site and view the ads for your click earnings. First time with the PTC, its not obtrusive
3. You earn from the viewing or clicking the adverts
4. You earn from completing offers.
5. You earn from your direct referrals activities with the site
6. The greatest feature which i consider the best is Earnings from referral …

Paid to click sites still the best

Since i started looking for income online from 2008 the first that i had discovered was paid to click sites , it is still the best so far until this time 2012. I remember that i was already happy just clicking on ads and earning only a few cents to a dollar. I said to myself that a $100 cannot be complete without a cents.  So having the experience of earnings even with  few cents and dollars pushed me to look for more paid to click sites i could find on the net.

Until i encounter  paid to click scam sites, there were lots of them.  I also found out a certain Jon Howard who's strategy was good but later on also turn to be a scammer. He encourages you to buy his method which was only a few dollars and recruit you on his paid to click sites, but later own all of his paid to click sites also closed shop or scammed the members.

Having this experiences with closing and scamming ptc sites turns me to look for sites that monitor this paid to click sites,  were i came to know PTCinvestig…

What articles to be reconstructed on lost blogsite

Cashonweb2u and the blogsite is discussing about the best program on making money online in particular paid to click, get paid to complete offers, surveys, forex, high yield income programs, multi level marketing and many other affiliate programs. So within the past two years the questions is" what are the articles to be reconstructed on the lost blogsite?"

Majority of the articles published on were on the first page of Google search but reconstructing it all for this new platform would entail a lot of time and effort.  All of the articles have contributed to the present rank position of RANK 2. Though there was a transfer the former articles are still on the search results but if you click on it you are re-directed to the present blogsite and not on the articles. The name of the site and the title of the articles are still on the search results, that is why the RANK 2 remains.
In reconstructing the articles  i had found out that th…

Blogsite suddenly lost online

That's what happen to my blogsite Blogsite suddenly lost online.  For two times in 2011 and now 2012. The first time it was lost online was not so clear but the second time it was generally explained that there were some policies that were not followed in particular advertising. Though i guest its also the same with the first one.

Website or blogsite suddenly disappears or cannot be found on searches usually happens if you don't have control on the hosting especially if it is Free hosting. Cashonweb2u  is my own domain but usually i do not get hosting for the site or blogsite  because i still believe that i don't need it and it will only be an additional expenses. Especially when your programs is not stable or not producing a stable income.

Bringing back the website or blogsite with the same domain name is just easy. In one day i brought my blogsite online with a different host. The matter of transfer from one hosting site to another is only done in…

Blogging lessons from 3 years going 4

I had been blogging for more than 3 years going to 4 that started way back January 2008. My first blog was a personal one where I wrote articles about my personal views on my working abroad, how to do the SEO, political views about my country,  then about products and services. I knew then related to SEO that i should focus on a niche but since i had my mind full with so many ideas i cant decide to focus. Until i had my second blogsite that focuses more on earning online. came out after almost a year after my personal blog, where i would say its more focus on looking for additional income online . It was October 2008 when i decided to buy a domain name and make  google to host the blogsite. From late part of 2008 to 2010 my blog tackle articles about paid to click, forex4free, zeromlm, dating site, magic site, Howard strategy o paid to click and Vic Hutchinsons softwaresand trainings. The later part of the year 2008 to 2010…

Second time blog transfer

Hello again maybe many are wondering where is or There was a temporary dislocation again for the second  time. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I am back again to though later i will be using my own domain name "" here in Google.

It won't be as hard as the first one when my blog had some problems  first with google and second with weebly. What i mean that it wont be hard is the tranfer. A second time blog transfer makes it easy to do it all again. I had no regrets.  It is again part of the experience of bloggers. There will be a time when i wont be using free web hosting. I can feel that i am near to my target income and i will discuss in detail what i mean by being near to the goal or reaching the financial freedom everybody online is dreaming.

With the new blog "on this second time transfer"  i will try to upload the former articles that was a hit before but i  will no longer bring those artic…