Blogging lessons from 3 years going 4

I had been blogging for more than 3 years going to 4 that started way back January 2008. My first blog was a personal one where I wrote articles about my personal views on my working abroad, how to do the SEO, political views about my country,  then about products and services. I knew then related to SEO that i should focus on a niche but since i had my mind full with so many ideas i cant decide to focus. Until i had my second blogsite that focuses more on earning online. came out after almost a year after my personal blog, where i would say its more focus on looking for additional income online . It was October 2008 when i decided to buy a domain name and make  google to host the blogsite. From late part of 2008 to 2010 my blog tackle articles about paid to click, forex4free, zeromlm, dating site, magic site, Howard strategy o paid to click and Vic Hutchinsons softwares and trainings. The later part of the year 2008 to 2010 was hosted in google and the year 2010 to early part of 2012 in Weebly.

The goal of cashonweb2u was to reach a dependable additional income online with the latest money making sites such as paid to click, zero mlm, Vic hutchinsons training but unluckily few dollars were only produce out of the paid to clicks and there's even more output with writing blog articles from blogvertise but had stopped early part of 2012.

The matter of transfer from google to weebly and weebly then now to google again was about policies that had  been overlooked that affected the blogsite publishing. Its really a hard experienced from transfering from one host to another. Its even harder when your still not reaching your financial goals. But then blogging lessons from 3 years going to  4 were learned,  worthy and one virtue that guides my determination was patience. The positive experienced blogging from the three years going to 4, the need to move forward because of the personal financial difficulties and good earning potentials from the latest sites are all pushing me to work further more. Actually blogging was not the one that is making the money its the membership and activities with the money making site, maybe some referrals from the readers but making money out of the blog is not happening though it should be. I would treat my blogging as a help for others who wants to learn from my experienced and also recruit them if they like to my affiliate sites producing income. But  making money out of the blog would really take a long process.


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