Blogsite suddenly lost online

That's what happen to my blogsite Blogsite suddenly lost online.  For two times in 2011 and now 2012. The first time it was lost online was not so clear but the second time it was generally explained that there were some policies that were not followed in particular advertising. Though i guest its also the same with the first one.

Website or blogsite suddenly disappears or cannot be found on searches usually happens if you don't have control on the hosting especially if it is Free hosting. Cashonweb2u  is my own domain but usually i do not get hosting for the site or blogsite  because i still believe that i don't need it and it will only be an additional expenses. Especially when your programs is not stable or not producing a stable income.

Bringing back the website or blogsite with the same domain name is just easy. In one day i brought my blogsite online with a different host. The matter of transfer from one hosting site to another is only done in a few minutes though you would only might see your blogsite after a day. But my blogsite was restored after a few hours. I bought my domain name with NAMECHEAP.COM as the name says its was really cheap, i had been with for almost 3 years. Technically what you only have to do is follow the instructions regarding the transfer, you will have to go to the domain host site and change the NAME RECORD. After doing the changes of the name record you have to set up your blogsite.

Setting up the blogsite would also take time. You will have to recall the side widgets that you have installed before. One great lost are the articles but still it can be re constructed. What is affected are the readers or your subscribers, the links you have before and the rank of the blogsite. My is rank by google 2, so i dont know if i still can recover that same rank. 


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