Estimated earnings from money making software

I consider the best that i had encounter as far as paid to click is concern. But to claim as such we need to make estimates on the earnings from my money making software so as to prove and to guide would be members as well as registered co-members.


It is an advertising site and a money making software that has registered members who view on adverts and earn at the same time just like other paid to click sites. But the difference is that it provides you with a money making software where ads comes from the lower right corner of your monitor to view and also click on offers to complete. It also had other source of earnings from the purchase of referral shares, direct referrals, bonuses and other programs to come like task for cash.


First and foremost we have to register and fill up our profile especially the payment processors and You also have to download the slides up software to earn much more .See the table below for the sources of earnings, features and restrictions;

As we can see clearly free members and upgraded members earn but the amount varies if you are a Free member you earn smaller than the upgraded members who are silver and gold, But let us see our estimated earnings calculations ;


As Free Member ;

W/no software  or  having problems with the application there  are  no  losses its all gain except  you needed  time to earn more.  If you don't have money to invest  or upgrade you have to use whatever
earnings you derive from viewing ads even without the software and  could also utilize free traffic
exchange to get referrals . It really takes a longer time to earn as a free member , so the goal for the 
 free members is to buy referral shares with your clicking for cash of from your other paid to click programs
Example computations :     
 30 ( maximum ads to click) x  $0.001(.002 max) /click ads = $0.03 x  30 days  =  $0.90 earnings in a month

 To reach a withdrawal amount of $20 , you will need almost 20 months  which is not so practical.  In order to lessen the time to reach a payout you need direct referrals , install the software which gives more earnings and purchase referral shares with your earnings.              

Free Member W/ software application;

With Software slides up ;  The system of  computation will be the same , the difference is that  the number of  adverts viewed from the slides up  are more , in my  experience , you could  about  50 adverts  and the earnings is much greater  1 ad = $0.003 / click ads.

50 ( or more ads) x 0.003/ click ads =  $0.15 x 30 days =  $0.15 x 30 days  = $4.50 earnings in a month

 The earnings with  the software installed is more higher. If you only view ads with the software slides up you also need about 4 months to reach the cash out but i am sure you needed more earnings.  In order to reach more earnings,  buy referral shares with your earnings, have direct referral to give you referral views income and if ready upgrade to silver or gold. 

As a silver member you all have the benefits of viewing more ads and a higher  credits cost per click, you  can also have 400 referrals at 40 referrals purchased at  4 days interval , you also have direct referral view shares, commission on the referral/ sub referral share purchases, revenue shares for referral offers completed,  direct referral updrades and a monthly purchase balance commissions for  an expense of monthly upgrade of  $12.95
Example calculations ;

50 view ads x $.003 per click ads=  $0.15 x 30 days  =  $4.5  + (3.3 referral per month)  = $7.3 + $1 monthly bonus  =  $ 8.3 monthly earnings  -  12.95 monthly =  -  $4.95 loss

This is stila loss for the minimum view ads and only 1 referral ,  so what makes you earn is  have more purchased referrals ,  direct referrals ,  complete offers if possible.

 In my own experienced  here is my calculations ;

50 view ads x $.003 x 30 days =  $4.5  +  (  0.88 for  my 8 referrals x 30 days  =  26.40 + $1 monthly bonus  =  $ 27.40 -  $12.95  = $14.45  Net eanings per month  

This article post that estimated earnings from my money making software (  gives you  earnings , what makes you earn is  your effort to view ads,  purchase more referral shares, complete offers,  get direct referrals  , of course upgrade to silver or gold and  activate more earning programs from . Join NOW !!  WATCH OUT FOR MORE ,  BE A GOLD MEMBER EARN MORE     


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