Limiting my account by paypal affected mybrowsercash

I had been with Paypal since May 2007 up to this day. I had several transactions with many sites since i had been a verified member. But this March 13, 2012 I had a problem with Paypal it had limit my account.  Limiting my account by Paypal affected mybrowsercash.

When  an account is limited in my case. I cannot  cannot use my money for paying, sending, or even adding funds to my account. There are other reasons why an account could be limited .(see this site) .

In order to lift the limitations and/or to use my account I have to submit requirements such as  ID for  identity, proof of residence, bank account link and one item was about an open dispute with which had to be settled. (Note: i did not open a complain about my payment which was March 13, 2012). This payment was about the purchase of referral shares.

I was wondering why my account was on hold or limited. I was thinking that maybe the email message did not come from paypal or the email was just phishing for information. I was not that conscious to follow the email about submitting the requirements since March 13, 2012 to March 20, 2012 I am not having problems with and they had not sent me any messages about a complaint from me.

But since March 13, 2012 I was intrique about the limitation so i decided to submit requirements until March 17, 2012 the limitations was lift and i can already use my paypal account. What i had submitted were my ID, proof of residence, Bank account and a message to Paypal that i had not open a complaint with

Now comes the problem on March 20, 2012 when i open my account with i read on the homepage that ( You have an open dispute that had been paid to us............)

When I read this I was surprised and disgusted because as far as I know my limitations with Paypal was already lifted and honestly I had not open a dispute about a certain payment specifically March 13, 2012) See the reason for the open was Paypal's inquiry

I had sent two emails with about this matter explaining that there is no basis for my account to be on hold since i had not open a dispute with paypal about my payment but until this day March 22 , I had no reply about my request to re-instate my account with I am still waiting

I had written this post to make readers/ online money seekers, internet marketeers to learn from this experienced. I had search online about the Paypals actions on limitations and there are worst  cases, mine is not a big problem. My theory is that Paypal is very much concern about accounts and I do think there maybe threats on Paypal being hacked so they have to check every member if it is really the right person they are dealing with.

What is not right at this moment is that account is now affected,  and I just dont know what they had in mind because they are not  replying on my messages. I still believe is the best compared with other paid to click sites but the way they are handling my case is rather slow and subjective. I believe that NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO SPEAK ABOUT A CASE WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION. I do not think that I had to suffer. They had hold my account without the necessary investigation I feel its not justified. I still give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope they recognize and believe the detailed EVENTS that had transpired.


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