Paid to click sites still the best

Since i started looking for income online from 2008 the first that i had discovered was paid to click sites , it is still the best so far until this time 2012. I remember that i was already happy just clicking on ads and earning only a few cents to a dollar. I said to myself that a $100 cannot be complete without a cents.  So having the experience of earnings even with  few cents and dollars pushed me to look for more paid to click sites i could find on the net.

Until i encounter  paid to click scam sites, there were lots of them.  I also found out a certain Jon Howard who's strategy was good but later on also turn to be a scammer. He encourages you to buy his method which was only a few dollars and recruit you on his paid to click sites, but later own all of his paid to click sites also closed shop or scammed the members.

Having this experiences with closing and scamming ptc sites turns me to look for sites that monitor this paid to click sites,  were i came to know This site investigates and gives status of all the PTC sites online for the clickers to be aware if the site is good, had the tendency to scam or outright a scammer.

All in all its almost 100 paid to click sites that i had registered, some are earning and majority were not. I can still post the names of all this sites but i will just have to focus on the present that i still am clicking.  It is useless to post those paid to click sites that were closed and had scam a lot of people.

In my working with paid to click sites which i consider still the best.

1. It is a lesson to maintain the good ptc sites, this sites  had been for longer period had no record of delayed payments and had never had problems with the members.

2. Getting upgrades and having referrals are the keys to more earnings with paid to click.

3. New PTC sites could be trusted to be for long until they are proven. They maybe good for a few months or years then later closed shop because of problems that they cannot handle.

    The Paid to Click sites i maintain and consider still the Best


This is classified as a legit site by as legit, it had been online for quite a long time, it had no problems with members, payments up to date. When i started with the site you only view ads and earned. Now you could earned more by direct referrals, viewing or playing the Grid, doing some tasks, answering surveys and of course upgrading memberships. An upgrade of $17 for a year is not a problem they helped you pay it through your account balance.
A good site owned by the owner of an autoresponder site that helsp you build your list. I was thinking he created to get more clients and vice versa

I called this site the one dollar site where you could only withdraw a minimum of $1 but of course you could also withdraw more that a dollar.. You also earned more if you upgrade and rent referrals. This site is also had been online for a very long time. And renting of referrals is always zero, that is were members earned  a lot of money. is almost the same site with It is also a $1 site where you can withdraw your earnings for a minimum of $1. Exactly the same with clicksia it also has a referral rented. I called this two sites a twin site.

 One of the greatest and i consider the icon of paid to click sites. This site had given a lot of income for members. Everybody knows this site and it had never failed the members, though it had given less earnings than before. It has also added some earning features like neo points ( clicking more ads for a prize- if your lucky) and completing offers. I was wondering why are they putting some more earning features? Seems to me they are now threaten with some sites like clicksense and mybrowsercash.

 If you believe that paid to click sites are still the best join me with the above sites. Happy Earnings!!


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