Second time blog transfer

Hello again maybe many are wondering where is or There was a temporary dislocation again for the second  time. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I am back again to though later i will be using my own domain name "" here in Google.

It won't be as hard as the first one when my blog had some problems  first with google and second with weebly. What i mean that it wont be hard is the tranfer. A second time blog transfer makes it easy to do it all again. I had no regrets.  It is again part of the experience of bloggers. There will be a time when i wont be using free web hosting. I can feel that i am near to my target income and i will discuss in detail what i mean by being near to the goal or reaching the financial freedom everybody online is dreaming.

With the new blog "on this second time transfer"  i will try to upload the former articles that was a hit before but i  will no longer bring those articles where the topic discussed had no more value.

The present "cashonweb2u" second time blog transfer is still considering and will be discussing about online income generation about sites which continuously  producing income and again trying to discover more prospective money sites. Topics about clicks for cash, completing offers, forex trading , high yielding programs and affiliates are the areas of program that are producing cash for you and i and it will be a part of the ongoing discussions and updates.

So i hope to read from you and let us share and help each other in reaching our financial goals.


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