What articles to be reconstructed on lost blogsite

Cashonweb2u and the blogsite is discussing about the best program on making money online in particular paid to click, get paid to complete offers, surveys, forex, high yield income programs, multi level marketing and many other affiliate programs. So within the past two years the questions is" what are the articles to be reconstructed on the lost blogsite?"

Majority of the articles published on blogcashonweb2u.com were on the first page of Google search but reconstructing it all for this new platform would entail a lot of time and effort.  All of the articles have contributed to the present rank position of  blog.cashonweb2u.com RANK 2. Though there was a transfer the former articles are still on the search results but if you click on it you are re-directed to the present blogsite and not on the articles. The name of the site and the title of the articles are still on the search results, that is why the RANK 2 remains.
In reconstructing the articles  i had found out that they are still on the search result cache, you can look at this when you hover on the title of the articles you are searching, the image is this;

But in reality if you click on this article,  the page could no longer be found. So what i did was to check my facebook and had found the same articles that i posted because i had created a page particular to facebook/blogcashonweb2u.. I also check on on the feedburner and the articles are intact. Now i just have to choose the articles that i have to reconstruct. As i said there were a lot of articles so what i have to post again are articles that are still relevant.

Relevancy means there are articles in the past that are still needed by readers today and they can refer to this for their need or guidance. There were articles that you cannot use it even for reference and are irrelevant, like paid to click sites that no longer in existence or had become a scammer.  The urgency to reconstruct former articles is  highly necessary to level up and bring an updated articles for the need of the readers. 


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