Which site is much better than any other paid to click sites

Maybe you will say its NEOBUX? no or maybe you will say its CLIXSENSE its no no?  so then which site is much better than other paid to click sites?

What is much better than any other paid to click sites ?

For me there are things that i see and experienced with this paid to click site or browser site which i consider  a much better  site than other better paid to click sites .

1. Its FREE to start with this site, but there is an option to upgrade to silver and gold which gives you more earnings.

2. It provides you a tool that pops up or slides up adverts which you click for cash equivalent. Which is different with any other paid to click sites in which you have to login to the site and view the ads for your click earnings. First time with the PTC, its not obtrusive

3. You earn from the viewing or clicking the adverts

4. You earn from completing offers.

5. You earn from your direct referrals activities with the site

6. The greatest feature which i consider the best is Earnings from referral shares where you buy referral shares for $5 then it earns for you $0.11 daily for a period of 60 days its like an "hyip" similar to another site which i am also a member.

7. Another program soon to be open is Task for Cash, there are also other programs like clixsense that have this.

When i registered with this site, i thought its just an ordinary paid to click site but when i experienced all the features i got excited. I started as a FREE member now i am a silver one and will be a GOLD oen , i have 15 direct referrals , 10 referral shares and have cashout 5 times $20.

 Well before i forgot the site is MYBROWSERCASH.COM, so if you believe mybrowsercash.com is much better than any other paid to click sites then JOIN ME and see you on the other side.


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