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Why choose JBP/ jss-tripler

1. It offers a free $10 credit that you can use to test the business aspect. If satisfied continue and invest more for more earnings.

2. It has a good record and no scam had been reported since  the establishment of JBP and jss-tripler since 2004 and gradually develop until it pick up only about more than 1 year with the present membership to this day April 18, 2012 about 492,756

3. It had an option of re-start which other programs or particularly "hyip" or other investment sites  does not have, which make it sustainable. One example, in the event of a server malfunction all are affected so there are adjustments to be made the site does not close shop like other web investment site this where it re-starts.

4. Nobody online had taken the challenge of the owner Frederick Mann. The challenge to find out the loophole on JBP/jss-tripler loophole and if there is he will pay.

5. Its an online income program that i believe  will solve my particular problem of additional income in th…

The power of two percent with daily compounding

2012 is a great year and my chinese horoscope said that I would be earning this year. I am hitting great sites that are really making me money.  One of the greatest that I encountered this year 2012 is with its revolutionary jss-tripler program, it has the power of two percent with daily compounding .The power of two percent had attracted and registered as of this writing a membership of 458,574 and its growing by as much as 7000 daily.

Top earner has earned over $384,000. All of the top 20 earners have earned more than $121,000 each. Maximum Daily Individual Withdrawal = $1,000.

The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System is working well. All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS-Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning up to 2% per day!

Every member started with the investment Free $10 or more than 10 otherwise but all started with an earning of two percent wit…

Money for nothing

Money for nothing, Jon Howard an article in 04/23/2011. I am reposting this  article because there are still some readers searching for Money for Nothing of Jon Howard a.k.a Jason Hamilton Cox.
"When   I started  a blogsite on weebly  one that attracted my attention while surfing my paid to click sites was the  offer of "Jon Howard" a.k.a. ( Jason Hamilton Cox )  his "Money for Nothing" guide of  making a large sum of money  which was about 6 figure income. He had shown  some proof that he is making that much.  While I believe was that many "clickers" had already earned a  four (4)  figure income , his experienced of making 6 figure income was  amazing . He was giving the offer of   his strategies and system for only  $1.97 which is almost not paying him because you could earn  that amount  with the PTC sites. And I was convinced though I have to check it out  so giving the small amount  is not a big deal.

I received his PDF guide and other matrices …

Searching for,org

On this Lenten Season , for Christians it is a time to recollect and reflect on one's past life  and how he had followed the teachings of Christ on his dailly living. It is the time to repent the sins of the past and ask for the forgiveness and blessings of the Lord Christ on this day of his sacrifice, cruxificion and death.

As I was writing this post I also remember those who are not Christians and who believe on other Gods. But this is also a time where probably some are on vacation, having their good time and maybe on their computer.

So for those reading this post I would like to devote the topic on some articles that were no longer posted. On my recent review of  stat counter I saw some post that were still being search on Google ( my old post is still on google search but upon clicking the title its being re-directed to the new blog of The articles that are still being search for are about, money for nothing program of John Howard aka J…