Money for nothing

Money for nothing, Jon Howard an article in 04/23/2011. I am reposting this  article because there are still some readers searching for Money for Nothing of Jon Howard a.k.a Jason Hamilton Cox.
"When   I started  a blogsite on weebly  one that attracted my attention while surfing my paid to click sites was the  offer of "Jon Howard" a.k.a. ( Jason Hamilton Cox )  his "Money for Nothing" guide of  making a large sum of money  which was about 6 figure income. He had shown  some proof that he is making that much.  While I believe was that many "clickers" had already earned a  four (4)  figure income , his experienced of making 6 figure income was  amazing . He was giving the offer of   his strategies and system for only  $1.97 which is almost not paying him because you could earn  that amount  with the PTC sites. And I was convinced though I have to check it out  so giving the small amount  is not a big deal.

I received his PDF guide and other matrices he used for his system and i  was really convinced it was ok . Followed and registered with all the listings of his PTC sites but some came out to be not loading.  I also registered on his facebook account because this is where he said  he can be reach  as well as all the subscibers could be found  and sharing  of  experiences could be gain ,  well and that was right.  I actually started with him  last week of February 2011.

He offered also an affiliate link for his ads so  all members could have the benefits of having referrals and again that was also very attractive .I also took the offer .  Now the problem came , I post on his facebook  that some PTC sites on his list were not loading .  My post was deleted , I  followed about the schedule of his ads for my affiliate link , he did not reply . A member  also post on his facebook that  majority of his PTC sites list are scam sites based on PTC investigation, the post was also deleted.  From then on  he could no longer be reach.  Then his facebook account  was deleted , then his  site was gone.  What do you think ?  This is the picture of a real  scammer . His "money for nothing" guide and Jon Howard ( Jason Hamilton Cox- the real name ) is a scam."
"My  last article about the revealing status of  ptc sites,  majority are PTC sites list of Jon Howard.  He is not organize because  some of the sites  were good sites though they were  new.  Maybe he is really just for the money he could get from selling his guide and also on the referrals but  if he will   be  using Paypal and not pay or returned the money for his unpublished  affiliate links of members  he will be ban from Paypal.  His concept was ok ,  well  all of  the "clickers" in the PTC world  wants to earn " six figure income"  but  his  "money for nothing " had yet to be proven and he ran away , he had not proven anything except  being a scammer.  "

What was really the good concept behind this Money for Nothing . The concept that I got from John Howard a.k.a Jason Hamilton Cox  was to register with as many Paid to click sites that you could manage and concentrate your to put your earnings in one site for purchasing referrals, doing campaigns to get the highest earnings . Then if you already have the highest earnings distribute this with other Paid to click sites. 

The idea was really not new because it would really come on you that  investing on all the Paid to click sites could not be affordable and you really have to concentrate or focus on one or a few to put more investments and achieve higher earnings.  At the moment I am concentrated with only a few  Best PTC sites so far but my earnings are also being invested with and jss-tripler. So enjoy your earnings. 


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