The power of two percent with daily compounding

2012 is a great year and my chinese horoscope said that I would be earning this year. I am hitting great sites that are really making me money.  One of the greatest that I encountered this year 2012 is with its revolutionary jss-tripler program, it has the power of two percent with daily compounding .  The power of two percent had attracted and registered as of this writing a membership of 458,574 and its growing by as much as 7000 daily.

Top earner has earned over $384,000. All of the top 20 earners have earned more than $121,000 each. Maximum Daily Individual Withdrawal = $1,000.

The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System is working well. All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS-Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning up to 2% per day!

Every member started with the investment Free $10 or more than 10 otherwise but all started with an earning of two percent with daily compounding . What makes it higher is the daily compounding features of the investment. That is the real power of earning two percent.

Let see and hear what an "Old granny" had to say  for those who are still in doubt of this program, watch this video; 

Would you believe "Old Granny" about justbeenpaid/ ? What she is really saying is that if your in doubt try the Free $10 credit to see how you will be earning. It is just that simple, DUH !!

Old granny video was a handiwork of a member whose video had really inspired me more to pursue my dream with this program.  I am already on the third month with program. I started with FREE $10 credit,  REGISTERED first , fill up some profile especially the payment processor Finishing  all the initial requirements , verification of the account I got the $10 then bought 1 position. After that its a daily  activity of visiting my account. 

After a week , then comes the time that the $10 had already earn another  $10 then i bought another position, then since I had trust this site there were weeks that  I have not waited for the compounding interest to reach another $10, I just put more money in my account and buy more positions. See the image below, where I am now . 

The image tells you how it started when I got the FREE $10 , then daily it earns you $0.20 ( 2%) of  $10 which is the basic amount for a position.  So it is up to your decision if you want more positions,  if you want to earn Faster then  buy more positions.  For me since I  don't have enough money , I  would wait for the earnings to grow but I will still decide on the right time  to put in more investment.  What i had shown above was  from December 30, 2011 when I started  up to January 24, 2011. Then let me show you the latest since i posted this blog. 

  That's the power of two percent with daily compounding  what I had showed you but this is still  small as compared with Top Earners. But we will come to that give us a few more months. The total positions I had purchased  to date is  fourteen (14) positions , the money that I had bought is more or less  50% from me and 50% from the earnings. So it is not a bad investment.  The goal of how much you want to earn depends on you. 

There maybe or a lot out there who would still these program would turn into a scam but I do believe it would not because it has a RE-START program which other HYIP (high yield income program) does not have. A few weeks ago  was attack by DDOS but they were able to manage not to be affected  much, though they were really were affected. Saturday and Sunday earnings which should be  two percent were reduced.  But everything is under control  and they assure the members that after the DDOS attack  it is more richer to REGISTER now because  there won't  be any RE-START again. If this had happen with other "hyip" program the site would have gone already with the money.

So join now on my team with jss-tripler and enjoy the earnings. There are more programs with I had not discussed the real tripler  with the matrix position, watch for this.


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