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 On this Lenten Season , for Christians it is a time to recollect and reflect on one's past life  and how he had followed the teachings of Christ on his dailly living. It is the time to repent the sins of the past and ask for the forgiveness and blessings of the Lord Christ on this day of his sacrifice, cruxificion and death.

As I was writing this post I also remember those who are not Christians and who believe on other Gods. But this is also a time where probably some are on vacation, having their good time and maybe on their computer.

So for those reading this post I would like to devote the topic on some articles that were no longer posted. On my recent review of  stat counter I saw some post that were still being search on Google ( my old post is still on google search but upon clicking the title its being re-directed to the new blog of The articles that are still being search for are about, money for nothing program of John Howard aka John Hamilton Cox , Vic Hutchinson and good programs for 2012.
I will be re-posting about these articles but not at the same time.

I will be first be dealing with or or org was a concept offered to any member interested wherein the plan was that forex4free(biz or org) would be getting investors big time investors and the money would be invested on forex trading.  The concept here was that investing with a big chunk amount from an investor to a forex trading will be earning more thru middleman ( or members as the conduit)  members and forex4free will be earning  from the profit on the investment.  This offer and the activities that went on was almost two years  in the waiting until on the beginning of 2012  it did not materialize.  The reason of the man Michael Frey  behind this program  was that there were members who had went to the police and complaint about the program. This activity had affected  the investors, this made the capital shy away from the program and this became a problem. Michael Frey had to insure the police that the program will no longer be pursued.  It was really difficult for others to believed that this was really the end. Some had really that hope that this will be a genuine program that vanished in thin air.  Some had spent some money though on my part I was also hesitant to bring out any centavo for the program. So for those who are still searching for .org its already gone.

Instead of the Lexiboy the moderator of the forum forex4free is recommending a new program which was also related to forex trading this is FXGLOBAL CLUB, its is a venture where you have to buy shares and later profit from the program.


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