Why choose JBP/ jss-tripler


1. It offers a free $10 credit that you can use to test the business aspect. If satisfied continue and invest more for more earnings.

2. It has a good record and no scam had been reported since  the establishment of JBP and jss-tripler since 2004 and gradually develop until it pick up only about more than 1 year with the present membership to this day April 18, 2012 about 492,756

3. It had an option of re-start which other programs or particularly "hyip" or other investment sites  does not have, which make it sustainable. One example, in the event of a server malfunction all are affected so there are adjustments to be made the site does not close shop like other web investment site this where it re-starts.

4. Nobody online had taken the challenge of the owner Frederick Mann. The challenge to find out the loophole on JBP/jss-tripler loophole and if there is he will pay.

5. Its an online income program that i believe  will solve my particular problem of additional income in the short term and probably financial stability in the long run.

6. JustBeenPaid (JBP) and its related programs operate in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010 ( now public domain) 

7. It had attracted half a million people and all are earning its an opportunity that I dont want to missed out and share with other people interested.

8. It is easy to understand, that you are investing your money earns 2% daily and compounding with maturity of 75 days. It also has a booster program that triples your money which is another program.

9. It has a calculator tool that you can use to compute how much you will earn to guide you on your investment. Try this JBP/jss-tripler CALCULATOR.

10. You have a back office that provides you with your list of referrals, your investments, earnings, positions purchased, referrals earnings, marketing tools, seminars, help address, FAQ's. I had used the help section and they are responding.

11.  I was satisfied with their handling of the recent DDOS attack on the site that assures every member that they had the control of the situation although  earnings on saturday and sunday was deducted but there was an assurance that it will be back.  

Let me hear other members who can contribute to this article, why choose jbp/jss-tripler. For those who wants to earn faster and higher join now here ;  choose jbp/jss-tripler


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