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guide for referrals on

Since I became an active member of in January 2012 up to this month of May 2012 I had 27 referrals. But I had observed that majority of this referrals had not been active. My back office says that they had not been earning. With the present mailing system features of mybrowsercash I had tried to send them messages and even with my email account but they had not responded. So given this situation there might be some problems ;

Maybe they have not met what they want. They don't  want to click on ads and complete offers. Maybe they saw that this will be the same Paid to click sites that they will be giving a lot of time clicking on ads and then earn a few cents where they will spent months before they can reach a minimum cashout which is really not worthwhile. Maybe they are just curious about the site, wanted to see what's inside. Whatever the reasons one thing that I am sure they want to EARN that is why they  registered. Because of this I decided to post this…

where to find pre-launch sites

Lexiboy the popular moderator in the aborted .org recommended a promising earning site. This site is a referral engine for websites, products and services. A site that can be use to service for fun and profit whether you are an individual or a stakeholder in a company with a product, service or website you are working to promote. Its a unique concept whom we know is greatly needed for any products and services who needs to beta test their site. When asking where to find pre-launch sites , is one site to depend on.

For Businesses: Why use PLX?

Launching with PLX opens the door to a massive built-in audience of people who are eagerly waiting to discover new products, services and websites.. They are looking for products and services which will appeal to a broad range of people and will be available to customers worldwide. They are interested in launches that will bring  users lower prices, better quality or other advantages. They are also…

Is it needed to have referrals?

Ever since i started seeking cash on the web and found sites that provides opportunity to earn, sell products and services it is always a requirement to have referrals  for you to earn more cash for your business online.  Just like all the paid to click sites that i am a member you need a lot of referrals to earn more if not you will only earn a few cents and would take you few months just to cash out the minimum. That is why paid to click sites had offered "renting referral". Online there are businesses offering e-books, softwares on how to get referrals for sale.
Even with mybrowsercash which can also be classified to be a paid to click site, it is encouraged to have direct referrals to have more income and also purchasing rented referrals. Having referrals direct or purchase does really gives more earnings which does provide me a monthly cashout which gets growing with purchased rented referrals. I have rented referrals of 14 and direct referrals of 24.
So when i happen to …