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Since I became an active member of in January 2012 up to this month of May 2012 I had 27 referrals. But I had observed that majority of this referrals had not been active. My back office says that they had not been earning. With the present mailing system features of mybrowsercash I had tried to send them messages and even with my email account but they had not responded. So given this situation there might be some problems ;

Maybe they have not met what they want. They don't  want to click on ads and complete offers. Maybe they saw that this will be the same Paid to click sites that they will be giving a lot of time clicking on ads and then earn a few cents where they will spent months before they can reach a minimum cashout which is really not worthwhile. Maybe they are just curious about the site, wanted to see what's inside. Whatever the reasons one thing that I am sure they want to EARN that is why they  registered. Because of this I decided to post this article "Guide for referrals on" for these referrals from mybrowsercash which have not activated  their account. I hope they spent time with their account because, they are throwing away a lot of money on thin air, which should had been theirs.

Guide for referrals on
  • is an advertising site, paid to click site, get paid to click site or money making site. The difference with MBC with others is the software that you can download to have more earnings with paid to click ads. The way to earn with MBC is by clicking on ads thru clicks for cash or with slideup ads from a download application on your computer, complete offers also from the slide up ads,  direct referrals and purchasing rented referrals. 
                    Since everybody wanted to see how to earn, this image might help; 

  The earnings on the image could not be achieved without activating your account. The task on hand is to download the application mybrowsercash version 2 , which would provide you a slides up button below on the right hand side of your monitor , this is where ads slide and you have to click on it to make your earnings.

For those having problems with the download application you can use the click for cash button on the meny which will also gives you ads but lesser than the slides up. Both menus gives you paid to click ads and offers to complete and earnings. The very important task is upgrade your account to silver or gold for more earnings share.

The image also is a result of campaigning for to have direct referrals ( active not, inactive)  but maybe MBC knows that having direct referrals is not a guarantee for sure earnings, they put up the "purchase referral shares" or what they call now "rented referral". 

To SUM IT UP , members task is  CLICK ON ADS, COMPLETE OFFERS , CAMPAIGN FOR MBC, and PURCHASE REFERRALS, UPGRADE your account to silver or gold.  This will assure you of earnings, GROWING EARNINGS. 

I have some computations that I had already shared on on of my post but I find this VERY IMPORTANT;

                         Read this "estimate earnings from money making software"  

                  For those who want to register and earn join here :

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