Is it needed to have referrals?

Ever since i started seeking cash on the web and found sites that provides opportunity to earn, sell products and services it is always a requirement to have referrals  for you to earn more cash for your business online.  Just like all the paid to click sites that i am a member you need a lot of referrals to earn more if not you will only earn a few cents and would take you few months just to cash out the minimum. That is why paid to click sites had offered "renting referral". Online there are businesses offering e-books, softwares on how to get referrals for sale.

Even with mybrowsercash which can also be classified to be a paid to click site, it is encouraged to have direct referrals to have more income and also purchasing rented referrals. Having referrals direct or purchase does really gives more earnings which does provide me a monthly cashout which gets growing with purchased rented referrals. I have rented referrals of 14 and direct referrals of 24.

So when i happen to register with JBP/ it had been a question for me if  "it is needed to have referrals ".  Whenever I join any opportunity site i always campaign for it just like with JBP/jss-tripler but in my few months i learn that it is not needed to have referrals with  

 With JSS-tripler the referrals will earn you a dollar for every one registered buying JSS-tripler position.   The heart of earnings of JSS-tripler is purchasing of positions if you have a lot of purchased positions which is  $10 per position you are sure of more earnings.  You can even purchased 1000 positions even in a day if you can afford. A lot of high income earning members  have no or a few referrals on their downline, see the image below;

If you examine the top 20 earners of JBP/jss-tripler they only have few or some have not even 1 referral.  The secret here is the purchased JSS positions. 

This really answers the question "Is it needed to have referrals" on your online business. JBP/jss-tripler is one investment site that getting referrals is not a requirement for earning big income. 

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