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 Lexiboy the popular moderator in the aborted forex4free.biz/ .org recommended a promising earning site. This site is pre-launchx.com a referral engine for websites, products and services. A site that can be use to service for fun and profit whether you are an individual or a stakeholder in a company with a product, service or website you are working to promote. Its a unique concept whom we know is greatly needed for any products and services who needs to beta test their site. When asking where to find pre-launch sites , pre-launchx.com is one site to depend on.

For Businesses: Why use PLX?

Launching with PLX opens the door to a massive built-in audience of people who are eagerly waiting to discover new products, services and websites.. They are looking for products and services which will appeal to a broad range of people and will be available to customers worldwide. They are interested in launches that will bring  users lower prices, better quality or other advantages. They are also looking for products and services which are consumable or normally purchased in a recurring manner, which will provide our users with opportunities for ongoing income.

For Individuals: Why join PLX?

You could earn commissions up to $1,000s per month with an active launch group. Invite a few friends and your launch group could possibly keep growing into the thousands – as friends invite friends, and so on.

Present Pre-launchx,com  Partner : Forex Frim X

Forex Firm X ( not the real name)  is managing a forex trading account linked to pre-launchx.com  account and this is where you can join at the moment. When you join this group you will be provided with a Free forex trade management account, $100 bonus upon sign up and $10 per indivicual/ month commission.

I did join this pre-launchx.com and I found it fast in getting referrals. I started with just 1 referral and look at my launch group in a matter of days it had grown up to 63 members. It is really promising though its still in pre-launch. Look at the image below ;

At this pre-launch stage of  forex Firm X you can see how receptive are the interest members in this kind of online business. It is not hard to find referrals as what happened  to my account, they make it easier for you, they are  campaigning for your account to have your own  referrals. And  that makes it easy to fill up all the circles which you started, you only need 3 referrals to unlock the social circles for payment.

SO when there is a question "where to find pre-launch sites" just visit  prelaunchx.com and its a quaranty that its the best brough to you by prelaunch experts.  Join me now and  i will give you a long list of earning programs ;   http://prelaunchx.com/x/rs4dlinks

                                 IF YOU WANT MORE EARNINGS , JOIN HERE :




  1. I just joined yesterday. Join me in social circle


  2. Thanks for the comment, I just dont know in what link you registered. Nevertheless , congrats and let's wait for the launching of Forex firm X where we will start our earnings. Do reply on my comment


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