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how to know dependable PTC sites

I had been dealing with paid to click sites (PTC) for almost three years. Actually  I had a chance in my long experience to have almost  100 ptc sites which are all claiming that they are good, reliable and dependable until this numbers of PTC sites were tapered into small number until now its only about eight (8) PTC sites. Majority of the PTC sites scam the members, had problems with funding and closed shop. In my long years with paid to click site, the problem is "how to know the dependable PTC sites". 

And, there's is only one site that will greatly help all the "clickers" of PTC in knowing who the owners, the background of this paid to click site,  what are the benefits of the particular site, what is the status, how much they give and the classification of the different PTC site. This is what I discovered in my ventures with Paid to Click site, This is a great site that throughly helps "clickers" in guiding them what site…

DDOS attacks site

As i where discussing about DNS changer malware, another malware is also making its way with many websites which makes programs incapable and the site out of service. This is called DDOS , DDOS attack site and had made a menace with some of my favorite earning sites. DDOS means Distributed Denial of Service.

It is an attack where multiple compromised systems (which are usually infected with a Trojan) are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Victims of a DDoS attack consist of both the end targeted system and all systems maliciously used and controlled by the hacker in the distributed attack.

My favorite earnings sites that were attack recently were and Both sites are popular earning sites and maybe the usual target site of the hackers. I really don't know why this hackers want to give  problems to this earning sites. Favorite earnings sites are helping people that gives earnings and gives income, while t…

I think Cyber attacks is here to stay

With my latest article about DNS changer malware warning us about  what It can do to  our activity online be it personal or  business, I really become conscious to study more about this "cyber attacks". Since it is that hard to make money offline,  it will be even harder to make money online if we are not that knowledgeable about this virtual disturbances. If we are thinking of  earning money online the legitimate way , then there are some people who wants to earn online the other way, so i think cyber attacks is here to stay.

The issues of  simply getting your personal information thru other illegitimate means like phising is already a part of these cyber attacks which are even perform by legitimate online business people. There are also viruses and malwares that even the softwares offering there products  are the ones putting the viruses on our computers. So it really is like a "virtual jungle when your online", daily there are new viruses and malwares that are …

Attack of dns changer malware

In my four years being active online this is the first time I had encountered a new threat on the computers internet function. This I called  "attack of DNS changer malware". I know of viruses, worms and other infections on the computer but what I do is always clean my computer with a cleaner and anti-virus softwares from all the available brands online. And if does not work I simply load the windows xp program.
This "attack of DNS changer malware" is really the newest one online, it had infected millions of computers worlwide and still a lot of people does not know it.  If your not familiar with DNS (it means domain name server). The computer links to other site on the internet through the router and through this router with an IP address and DNS communicates  with other links or site online in order for us to link to other sites. Now what the DNS changer malware does is "change" the DNS and re-direct our links through what the operator of this "DNS …