Changes with payment processors

 First it was being bought by now comes How is this two payment processors related.

Payza with its new user agreement will affect great number of sites that has business relationship with them and the probability of loosing these clients.

The user agreement Article 7.02 will have some revisions ;

  • Any indication or demonstration of a literal rate of return on a contribution, payment or investment, while not being licensed to sell or solicit 
  • Selling of Unregistered/Unlicensed Stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures, or investments in any entity or property, including (but not limited to) corporations and partnerships or sole proprietorship, are prohibited. Solicitation, marketing campaign, direct selling or any other comparative effort of the aforementioned products will be considered a violation of the User Agreement. If you are registered or licensed to take such action, you may be requested to present documentation demonstrating authority to do so from a Securities Exchange Commission, Commodities Futures Trading Commission or other equal and comparative agency.
 Given this new policy from Payza many sites known as investment sites such as high yielding investment program (HYIP) as well the selling or campaigning of these services or products will be a violation of the user agreement unless license or registered. So all sites with this business will have to change their payment processors.

One particular site that would probably be affected here is  So comes it is suggessted by that all members register with Egopay which I think is an extension of

Recent copy of an update from discussing changes with payment processors;

Our Member Services team has been receiving some inquiries in reference to some changes happening with payment processors. The payment processor industry has been hit with new licensing expectations as well as significant growth in the last quarter. This has caused delays with certain providers and changes with others. To be better prepared for these situations in the future, we are asking our members to establish an account with each of the pay providers we utilize. The verified accounts with each provider will insure better access to your funds and deposits to your accounts.

Occasionally we experience technical challenges with certain providers that are out of our control. In these situations, we find ourselves at the mercy of the provider to get these issues resolved. Having multiple accounts will allow you to switch over to another provider if one of them is experiencing technical challenges.

We have been working with Payza over the last several weeks during their transition over to their new affiliate website, As early as July 20, 2012, Payza will begin utilizing this new affiliate site to process transactions for This transition will also be made by many other organizations on the 20th. Our strong working relationship and good communication with Payza has paved the way for easy transition for our company. We request that each member start the process of creating and verifying their new account as quickly as possible to facilitate a smooth transition to this new provider. You will still be able to utilize your funds in Payza as they will be acting as an exchanger for their affiliate website.

We appreciate your continued support of this incredible system. Stay tuned for some very exciting news coming in the next few days.

It is mandatory that members of register with Egopay so as not to have problems with their account with It is also recommended to all other sites dealing with "hyip", investment site as well as related services. Here is a link to help you with registration with Egopay


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