Job online that is easy and simple

There are many jobs online,  you just have to search the web about your preferred job online. I stumbled upon a job online that  I think is easy and simple. What is need here is the skill in typing, if you cant find any job online this is really the easiest so far.

What is Protypers,com ?

It is a conglomerate of data entry specialists, who work primarily on converting scanned documents from image to text for institutions in North America and Europe. It also offer services to Neutral Network Text
Imaging developers and provide CAPTCHA decodidng for the visually impaired (blind).

It is currently hiring data entry personnel from all over the world. The only requirement to work is to have a computer, and internet connection and the ability to type over 30 Words Per Minute. and the time of work depends on your choice. The faster you type and your internet connection the more you earn.

How much do you earn?

As you can see on the image above there are different payout rates per 1000 images on different time sessions. Its up to you to choose what time is comfortable to you. Adding to this you can refer any number of people you want to join but you will only get 10% of their earnings after 5 referrals had been paid.

Who is behind this ?

Searching the web..

IP & Whois

ProTypers | INDEX
Daily visitors: 1 335
Daily pageviews: 8 012
Alexa Rank: 3948098
Owner:domains by trust Domains By Trust
Hosting, Inc

So based on this its a legal site and the sponsor is even popular Inc.

What members are saying about ?

Based also on search many have received payments. The minimum payment is $3 per week and the higher earnings goes with those who have referrals. But there are also other members who problems with the site. Because if ever you had many kickout which means you were wrong on typing the captcha words then you will really be suspended.

Now it's your decision if you want to join in. For me its almost the same with paid to click sites the matter of earning more depends on referrals, your patience and your determination to earn more online.


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