Make money with online games

In my facebook account a lot of my friends are playing online games and they never stop on inviting me to join them. I was thinking why and what do they get from this online games? I was of the opinion that they are just wasting their time with games. BUT giving a second thought, you can "make money with online games" it just depends on what site you have to join.

And then I stumbled upon FantaZ,  a certain Paul Hardingham is always on the online ads site and never stops promoting the site, though the man is just an ordinary member from United Kingdom and the site is from California, USA.

I tried joining the group of Paul Hardingham and tried some of the games online. It was really fun and entertaining ( since i never played online games ever). Games are really amusing and will develop skills eye and hand coordination. This are the games that I tried ;

If you will look at the Top Ten games those are just simple games like the "challenge pool, pyramid solitaire, bricks breaking, tower blocks and the ball blaster. I don't know how to play other games. So you have to try this and swing your mind to relaz and temporary forget about other online earning sites.

I am a serious guy and not a fan of e- games but this time I want to combine seriousness with playing amusing games. But not only entertaining  but also a great earning potential. Don't you know that Paul Hardingham, the guy whom I always see promoting this has 10,000 members on his group..WOW ..I wander how much he is earning.

See the above image, you will see the details ones you join in. Do you believe this has a great earning potential. Register here at FantaZ


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