my computer was attack again by anti-virus site

Since I started blogging way back in 2008 I always encounter this viruses but I do not subscribe to any paid anti- virus or anti malware. I only used the free softwares.

So for a long time I am always aware that viruses, malwares will always try to kill my computer, so i am ready for this.

I do not subscribe to a paid anti-virus , anti- malware because I believe that there will always be new viruses, malwares and if your paid anti- virus and malware cannot wipe out the viruses a new software will be introduce and you are going to buy again a new software so its really a good business for this anti- virus and anti- malware sites.

So for almost three times that my computer was attack,  its not always a virus,  its the anti virus site that is attacking.  It had always been a strategy for this anti- virus, anti - malware site. If you accidentally click on their site, it automatically scan your site and yes it tells there are so many viruses on your site and you have to buy or subscribe to their site to protect your computer.

This is really outrageous and dishonest site , just to make a sale or subscription they have to resort to a forced sale.  Free anti- virus , anti malware software sites are more respectful of computer users than this "bastards". I don't want to mentioned the names of this site , you know who they are, they are just the same as with "scammers" , hackers who should not have a placed on the net.

So for computer users so as not to be attack by viruses,, or sites of anti- virus and malwares; 

1. Don't click on links that  you suspect has virus or links on emails that you are not expecting.

2. If accidentally you click on the links with this viruses just shut off your computer, to get rid of the registry, clean your computers cache and then your good.

3. There are two options for fighting this viruses and malwares,  buy or subscribe for trusted anti-virus and anti- malware sites. ( there are a lot of them on the net)

4. Always or daily clean your computers , before using and after using it . ( try to install a cleaner to get rid of  caches so as not to clogged your computer with unnecessary files)

5. If and when you were not able to get rid of the viruses or malwares, the best option is to reformat your
 computer. This is what i had been doing ever since I know there will come a time that I would accidentally will be hit by this viruses and malwares.  It is really advisable that you have the window program software and you have saved all your files, downloads and documents.

6. I am still using the old  windows xp service pack 2 and windows have an updates regarding security and the also provide free anti- virus and anti- malware softwares.

If you are interested with Free as well as paid anti-virus and anti-malwares visit Apphit to download your preferred softwares . 


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