The big step to the future

This symbol or logo is the symbol for the big step to the future. had been acquired by  If your active with it is no surprise that there will be changes with the site. This was announced or had been discussed by Frederick Mann ( the man who owns justbeenpaid)  last two weeks ago about August 19/12.  What surprise me is that a new company which is  is the new owner and Frederick Mann had just sold his site, invention and the program but as to their agreement with the new owner there won't be any  changes.

With that said there are only migrations of all the accounts to the new site, a very professional site. The concept of the programs was also greatly enhanced and follows laws in particular with what the business should be of the  and how do members earn. The site is great and millions of people are already excited to do their work as members of The migration had started as with my own dashboard says " August 25, 2012 , I could see that there were really no changes.

The new management sees that profitclicking would be operational this first week of September 2012 or days before we hit September 2012.

Here are some announcements that are very important with the changes going on with, click on the link to read;

1. Frederick Mann retired  

2. Answers to most questions regarding the acquisition of 
   a.  What is profit clicking and why the changes 
   b.  Why did Frederick Mann retired ?
   c.  Is Frederick Mann involved with profitclicking ?
   d. Who owns ? 
   e. Is profitclicking compliant with various commissions and jurisdictions?
   f. As a member of justbeenpaid and now profitclicking , do i have to signup again?
   g. What happens to my all old referrals?
   h. Are all of our affiliate pages etc. going to have to get changed by us?
   i .  Why do we have a sign up pin, what is it used for?
   j.  Do we fund the same way is in JustBeenPaid?

Latest update 8/27/2012

The staff here at Profit Clicking would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued trust and patience. We understand that in these uncertain times it is difficult and sometimes even scary when a change, such as this happens. Please know that you, our members, will always be our top priority.
Over the next week you may experience difficulty logging in, slow page loading and the disappearance and reappearance of your dashboard. Our IT department is working 24 hours a day to finish what is needed to allow you to market your business with no further delays.
Towards the end of next week you will see the site begin to run as intended and we will make an announcement, here when it is time for you to go to work. We are excited for you to see what we have in store for you and we thank you again for working with us as we move into a bigger and much stronger future.
I do believe that everything would be alright and a great future is ahead for all the members of justbeenpaid and now  If you still are not a member join us in  taking the big step to the future by registering with


  1. Profit Clicking memang BEST lah,,withdraw pertama pun sudah masuk ke account Liberty Reserve saya..


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