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long delayed payments means scheming

MBC means  mybrowsercash,  a well known Paid to Click site  when i registered last November 2011.  I considered it the best in comparison with other paid to click sites like neobux or clixsense but at the moment coming one year with the site, i don't consider it great PTC site. It had delayed my cash withdrawals for two months now. For me "long delayed payments means scheming", they have no explanation about the long delayed payments or selective payments.

Here is a copy of image where I was requesting for my cash withdrawals ;

The first reason of the much delayed payment was due to many people with multiple account violations and fraudulent orders. Since i requested the reason was always there and no report of the developments regarding violators and fraudulent orders if ever they had solve the problem. Until they had come out with  new schemes.

The new scheme that they had done was that a cellphone number had to be sent to MBC, to facilitate the payment much faster. Th…

simple error account suspended

This is the third week since I registered  with and I  was really that crazy in campaigning for the program. In third week I already had 18 signups and I know that this will be a good one since I would be earning more with my own campaigns and my downlines campaign.

I did'nt know that a "simple error would make my account be suspended" With my excitement I tried to help my wife who is in another country and open her account  with her permission to see if  the campaigns for her links had prosper or she already had also signups. She does not know much about computer. And I have to guide her, i did not know that opening her account would result to both of us with account  be suspended.

So whenever i  open my account  I cannot login and a note will say that your account is suspended. Included also is  this  (Notice: We don't allow members from: China, Lithuania, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.)

A member is  only privilige to have one account. The…

simple easy get referrals campaign be paid

Since i started my paid to click job online having referrals or downlines  had been the primary source of big income. Not only the paid to click business but any business whether its  products or services, the primary and the big source of earnings comes from the client, customers and buyers for any products or services.

For programs like paid to click you need referrals or downlines to make big earnings or income.  It had always been a hard work to get referrals that is why many paid to click sites added to their business "indirect referrals" where you buy these referrals or downlines for a price. This is the easiest so far but you have to spent money to get lots of referrals.  Even getting direct referrals you have to purchase adverts to campaign for your products and services. Campaigning with traffic exchanges with a free subscription is a long shot and hard work. Though you could still get referrals or downlines with free traffic exchanges but in trickles.

It had been …