long delayed payments means scheming

MBC means  mybrowsercash,  a well known Paid to Click site  when i registered last November 2011.  I considered it the best in comparison with other paid to click sites like neobux or clixsense but at the moment coming one year with the site, i don't consider it great PTC site. It had delayed my cash withdrawals for two months now. For me "long delayed payments means scheming", they have no explanation about the long delayed payments or selective payments.

Here is a copy of image where I was requesting for my cash withdrawals ;

The first reason of the much delayed payment was due to many people with multiple account violations and fraudulent orders. Since i requested the reason was always there and no report of the developments regarding violators and fraudulent orders if ever they had solve the problem. Until they had come out with  new schemes.

The new scheme that they had done was that a cellphone number had to be sent to MBC, to facilitate the payment much faster. This i had done but since my cellphone is a roaming cell i did not receive any pin to report to them so my payment will be facilitated instead i sent them a ticket message to report about the cellphone and at the same time request again my delayed cash withdrawals.

They had also recommended to former members to cancel their subscription and pay new subscription on a month to month basis, on which cash withdrawals is also not guarateed.

The latest scheme now is "We are working on integrating our performance monitoring system (it's been in the works quite a while and we've finally nailed down the internal rating system). Ad clicks/view/actions will soon directly be related to the amount you earn. Let's say for example you click ads but never interact with that offer (click a link, or complete a form). Our system will assign a rating to your account. Also things like completing tasks and doing things in the members are (we are not going to be saying exactly what) will increase this rating. This rating will determine the payout you receive from Ad Click/View and Completing offers(will NOT effect tasks for cash payouts as of right now). We expect this integration to take some time and during the integration your click/views payout may vary greatly from click to click/view to view as the system is slowly put into place and tested. When the integration is done you will be able to see your rating in the Members Area." 

With their first month of delayed payments, i already knew there was a problem with the site MBC and i am presuming they are trying to solve their problems so "long delayed payments means scheming". They are trying to delay payments or make selective payments ( new members being paid instead of old members) and also introduced new "schemes"  so as to gain time and money to arrest the problems of those delayed payments.  I had also consulted PTC investigation about the case of mybrowsercash.com and here is the findings and report. http://www.ptc-investigation.com/mybrowsercash.aspx

The site is classified under the "NOT RECOMMENDED" site for paidtoclick site because the findings as what PTC had found out, until this writing.

So for me since they had not payed the former cash withdrawals i had requested i cannot subscribe to the month to month system which does not guarantee their payment. I still have not cancel my account since i have a number of direct and indirect referrals. I am now using my account for gaining traffic to some of my other programs. So for those newly members i post this article for them to be guided. For MBC i hope they can solve their problem.


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