simple error account suspended

This is the third week since I registered  with and I  was really that crazy in campaigning for the program. In third week I already had 18 signups and I know that this will be a good one since I would be earning more with my own campaigns and my downlines campaign.

I did'nt know that a "simple error would make my account be suspended" With my excitement I tried to help my wife who is in another country and open her account  with her permission to see if  the campaigns for her links had prosper or she already had also signups. She does not know much about computer. And I have to guide her, i did not know that opening her account would result to both of us with account  be suspended.

So whenever i  open my account  I cannot login and a note will say that your account is suspended. Included also is  this  (Notice: We don't allow members from: China, Lithuania, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.)

A member is  only privilige to have one account. The truth of the matter I only have one account and maybe with the error I did in opening my wife's account , the gosignups system mistakenly identified me and my wifes account as two accounts with me as the owner.

I tried to wrote a message to the admin and inquire about the matter. At first it was positive, the admin said that they tried to re-instate my account but it was again "suspended".  So they said they will try it again but the second time also failed. Their last message was they cannot do anything and said that me and my wife is playing around with my account.

Looking back with what happened, I am thinking that gosignups policy is probably not right. 

1. Using the word "account will be suspended if found out using double account because it would be easily detected.  I think its not suspended or suspension that should be used , it should be 'ACCOUNT CANCELLED" , because i could no longer login.

2. In trying to open my wife's account with her permission cause the "suspension" of our account. What i presume is that with my account and my wifes account even if its from different ID numbers constitutes two account using one IP address. Gosignups is using IP address tracking to determine if your using one account, no matter what ID if you use one computer then your cancelled.

3, Judging that my account is double or I have two accounts is not really right, because I only have one account. So it is not right to , suspend  mine and my wife's account. This is a wrong policy, the matter of judging that  you have two accounts is still a matter of investigation, outright "suspension" basing on what happened is judgement without justification.

4. My account which had  $0.70 goes along with the "suspension" meaning they did not state if i can get that amount.

Fellow members of be careful with helping people do not use your computer in opening others account even if its your love ones. You will be suspended, let them open their account on their own computer.

A program that recoqnises multiple accounts is PROFITCLICKING  and you dont even need referrals.


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