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wait and see with profit clicking

Well its already  near the end of October 2012 and the former justbeenpaid had been purchased by and the migration from jbp to PC started , i believe in Ausgust 2012 . Now, whats  the good news for this ? The good news was that there is a new more professionally designed of the former justbeenpaid which is now profit clicking...

See the new PC ( profitclicking) formerly justbeenpaid;

The image is the members area of profitclicking. As you can see its more professionally looking than the former justbeenpaid , i dont know if you had seen the former site. From August 2012 to October 2012 the PC site had now been operational and as with the image the menus that can be used now are ;

UPDATES- MONEY MONITOR - ad packages only

Wait and See with profitclicking;

I started with since January 2012. Since i register…

legiit, paying, lots of adverts better PTC

Its almost two months since i started with and i find it fun in having a lot of adverts that gives you more earnings per click. Having a lot of adverts makes you faster to reach the minimum cashout. 

My latest payments;

PTC investigation findings on;

AyuWagehas been online and paying for over 2 years now. True, it had a few glitches here and there, but overall it is a good site to earn from. Site will remain on the Legit List. If any changes are found, we will be sure to update and let everyone know.

How do you earn with;

1. Register with 

2. Go on the site and log in with your username and password, login. 

3. Click on the start earning. the image below will appear where you choose what action to make.

    You can visit all of the above, except  some menus have no actions to take.  But with view sites, regular sites and live surf you are sure of almost 100 adverts. The key here is to have the patience to click on all adverts. The live surf whic…

long delayed payments settled

On my last posted article  i discussed about account. I had inform  that it had  taken more than two months since my cash withdrawal request. Now the long delayed payments was settled.  In October 5/12  i received the payment from mybrowsercash for my request, thanks.

Here is the proof ;

Based on this had until this time had not  been up to date with his payments to members. It took me  more than two months to wait for a $20,  When i came to know MBC they were up to date and i even categorize the site as the great site as compared with Neobux, clixsense because of earnings with the site. But said to say to say , they still have a lot to recover and reached their former status.

But as it is i will still be active with their site and hope they resolve their problems on payment.