legiit, paying, lots of adverts better PTC


Its almost two months since i started with Ayuwage.com and i find it fun in having a lot of adverts that gives you more earnings per click. Having a lot of adverts makes you faster to reach the minimum cashout. 

My latest payments;

AyuWage has been online and paying for over 2 years now. True, it had a few glitches here and there, but overall it is a good site to earn from. Site will remain on the Legit List. If any changes are found, we will be sure to update and let everyone know.

How do you earn with Ayuwage.com;

1. Register with Ayuwage.com 

2. Go on the site and log in with your username and password, login. 

3. Click on the start earning. the image below will appear where you choose what action to make.

    You can visit all of the above, except  some menus have no actions to take.  But with view sites, regular sites and live surf you are sure of almost 100 adverts. The key here is to have the patience to click on all adverts. The live surf which is still on beta is an auto surf where you let the menu open and for the length of time the adverts are showing gives you credit.

4. If you want more earnings, there are more mini programs to choose like renting referrals,
 ayuwage lottery . You can find this on ayuwage rewards. Referring others to this site guarantees you more income.

So if you want to venture on Paid to click or your looking for additional income get on the site and register. This PTC site is legit , paying , have a lot of adverts and a better PTC. http://www.ayuwage.com/?reg=103039


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