long delayed payments settled

On my last posted article  i discussed about mybrowsercash.com account. I had inform  that it had  taken more than two months since my cash withdrawal request. Now the long delayed payments was settled.  In October 5/12  i received the payment from mybrowsercash for my request, thanks.

Here is the proof ;

Based on this mybrowsercash.com had until this time had not  been up to date with his payments to members. It took me  more than two months to wait for a $20,  When i came to know MBC they were up to date and i even categorize the site as the great site as compared with Neobux, clixsense because of earnings with the site. But said to say to say , they still have a lot to recover and reached their former status.

But as it is i will still be active with their site and hope they resolve their problems on payment.


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