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Ad site help bloggers earn great income

In my experienced on looking for money online i happen to know that blogging is really  a good source of income. I had that experienced when i did good blogging articles for particular sites with their products and services  but that site had not been  active anymore  and its not clear why? Probably the reason is no advertisers.  I did earn blogging probably for a year but then  projects  taper down until i did not notice i  am no longer receiving emails for orders.

Having that experienced i realized that blogging could give considerable amounts of money provided your article is original, a lot of readers or traffic and your being supported by a good advertising site. 

One special and particular advertising site that did excites me again and triggered me to be more active in blogging is LINKVEHICLE. 


1. I do believe that the site or owner of the site is looking after the financial status of the blogwriter. He treats the blogwriter as a partner with its skill or effort in doing the …

Bitcoin is the new cash on the web

Hello to visitors and readers its been a while since i had updated my blogsite. I had been busy with another site that is dealing with "Bitcoin , it is the new cash on the web". Although its only about five years, so many people are on the like for this new technology.  This will be the new "cash online" and will take over the dollars and the other fiat currencies,  so its about time that  changes on my blogs should be undertaken. But rest assured that blog.cashonweb2u  will still deal with money  making programs on the net and "bitcoin" is one important source of  making money on the net.


It is now being used and promoted back up by early adopters, investors and businesses. It started way back in 2009 and now in its five years had covered the entire world used as a digital currency.

Bitcoin is an open source code or a cryptographic used as a digital currency,  peer to peer, without government control and the transaction i…