Ad site wants me back did' nt fail me

Ayuwage is the site that had suspended me for three times but keeps on asking me to come back. The only reason that i was suspended  was that i was very active in surfing their advertising sites. My overactiveness resulted on beating their reguired time to stay on the ads.  So i told them that its no good reason to suspend a member because of this. I also suggesst that their should be a timer 
for every ads so clicking on the ads would not exceed their time.  They had not responded to this suggesstion but  in three times that i was suspended , i always received their request for me to come back. 

I always heed their call so here i am again for the third time an active member of Ayuwage. This ad site really wants me back and did not fail me. 

The above image is the latest payment i received again from Ayuwage , i reached the required number of credits which could be acquired for two weeks. I requested the withdrawal on March 29, 2015  so the payment was dated April 3, 2015 so its about five days. Thanks to Ayuwage 


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