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Last two payments proof

I had forgotten to post this last payments of . I know your reading this  and i also posted this on bitlanders where we earn bitcoins , thats also my purpose but it does not also limit  us to look for other sites that would surely , never miss , sure shot  that we wont regret or waste our time.  Again posting this payment everytime  i get it , is really a proof that this site is good and paying for about 4 years now.  Join this site and have your weekend payments,  i also post a challenge if you have a site that  will give you payments weekly just by clicking on ads or any other way , then i will also join but also register on my link on

The image above are two payments ,  it was sent to me on the same date but if you will examine  the transaction number , i intentionally  just erase the middle figures  to show you that that this are two payments. 

See  you !!!

Scam in Bitcoins

Bitcoin as with dollars or other currencies is not "scam proof" . The biggest scam that i know with regards to  the development of  bitcoins was about the "Silk Road" , but i think the silk road is not a scam but it was a store  that are selling  illegal items like  cocaine and guns.  The other big scam was the site in Japan "Mt Gox" that put up a  bitcoin exchange which handles the bitcoin and not the bitcoin software that is why the  :loophole  became the source of  robbing the members of their bitcoins.

I  was aware of this big problem with  some sites using the "bitcoin technology"  to make themselves millionaires in a short of time.  I  had not been a part of these , i only knew these with the news that it happened.

What i want to share was that about my own experienced with these "scamming system or program" utilizing the bitcoin ( mind you its not the bitcoin technology, it is not the problem) , it is the people who are …

Weekly Pay Never Missed

Working online or  earning online is no joke . I would say that those who are "technically had the know,  how a computer work " had a lot of advantage.  Those who have the capital or more money  also had a lot of advantage.  But if you dont  have the capital and  technical know how,  it would be hard to earn online. A lot of time and effort is also needed for an online enterprise especially for starters. I would say i belong to the category of those who have a  little technical know how and no capital or big money to spend online so the only way i knew how to earn online is thru  "Work" and the best ever so far that really pays weekly is  " :  You dont need money to earn here,  just click on the ads and reach the minimum of  $5 for the cashout then you will be paid.I noticed some of my referrals  only click a few ads  and they dont reach the minimum cashout so they are impatient  and does not have the drive to work more and  reach the highe…