Last two payments proof

I had forgotten to post this last payments of . I know your reading this  and i also posted this on bitlanders where we earn bitcoins , thats also my purpose but it does not also limit  us to look for other sites that would surely , never miss , sure shot  that we wont regret or waste our time.  Again posting this payment everytime  i get it , is really a proof that this site is good and paying for about 4 years now.  Join this site and have your weekend payments,  i also post a challenge if you have a site that  will give you payments weekly just by clicking on ads or any other way , then i will also join but also register on my link on

The image above are two payments ,  it was sent to me on the same date but if you will examine  the transaction number , i intentionally  just erase the middle figures  to show you that that this are two payments. 

See  you on !!!


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