Scam in Bitcoins

Bitcoin as with dollars or other currencies is not "scam proof" . The biggest scam that i know with regards to  the development of  bitcoins was about the "Silk Road" , but i think the silk road is not a scam but it was a store  that are selling  illegal items like  cocaine and guns.  The other big scam was the site in Japan "Mt Gox" that put up a  bitcoin exchange which handles the bitcoin and not the bitcoin software that is why the  :loophole  became the source of  robbing the members of their bitcoins.

I  was aware of this big problem with  some sites using the "bitcoin technology"  to make themselves millionaires in a short of time.  I  had not been a part of these , i only knew these with the news that it happened.

What i want to share was that about my own experienced with these "scamming system or program" utilizing the bitcoin ( mind you its not the bitcoin technology, it is not the problem) , it is the people who are looking at the 'LOOPHOLES IN THE BITCOIN SYSTEM" and utilizing these loopholes for their selfist ends.

" I experienced to send  0.01 bitcoin to a site  ( these site is no longer online about these week) . These site promised to pay you 100 percent of what you send them not exceeding 5 bitcoin. So i was attracted to this because this is different as to other sites that only offers a few percentage but this is 100 percent.  I check their transaction online on and its there , so i decide to join in. Now the problem its about a week now , where they promised to pay in 24 hours only. in a few days i can still see their site but about this week its no longer online.  Its a clear SCAM.  now the LOOPHOLE, the bitcoin wallet address is not a guarantee that you can communicate with them , there was also no Email address to contact them, its a question of  TRUST that they see as the LOOP HOLE.


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