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When did you ask a website and get it?

We often do ask somethings to ourselves . When we have problems we tried to analyze it and we usually have questions to ourselves or to our friends.  I find this site catchy in the sense that the name of the site is  by the name itself means ask something and you'll get it. But that is what i understand but going to the site and signing up, i found it  a regular site that i usually had been looking for a money making site.  is an online portal a website  for viral campaign, online marketing (site and members products and services), income generating site for members , graphic/ design and video animation ( for client needs online or offline) is a startup virtual marketing system that is trying to help members to earn money while participating with the program as said by its Manager Sylvio Desjardins a Canadian and is also a canadian website. 

The program or site is active on the different programs of giveaways where participan…

My Headtalker campaign begins

Image is a site that helps one message to be seen by many virally.  "Getting 500,000 social reach by starting with headtalker. " well that is big , so i happened to know this from , is using as one of their method to virally move their products, services and giveaways ( as i mentioned in my last article i participated in one of the giveaways and i was paid ) . Now with the headtalker campaign i would reach a lot of traffic and interested parties to join my affiliate. 

This is the overview and the link for the campaign , if you click on campaign you will see the content.
If your interested in earning bitcoins or dollars  thru just support my campaign click on the work campaign and put your comments.  Then i will follow up on you about the programs and services .