When did you ask a website and get it?

We often do ask somethings to ourselves . When we have problems we tried to analyze it and we usually have questions to ourselves or to our friends.  I find this site catchy in the sense that the name of the site is  AskYouGet.com  by the name itself means ask something and you'll get it. But that is what i understand but going to the site and signing up, i found it  a regular site that i usually had been looking for a money making site. 

AskYouGet.com  is an online portal a website  for viral campaign, online marketing (site and members products and services), income generating site for members , graphic/ design and video animation ( for client needs online or offline) 

AskYouGet.com is a startup virtual marketing system that is trying to help members to earn money while participating with the program as said by its Manager Sylvio Desjardins a Canadian and AskYouGet.com is also a canadian website. 

The program or site is active on the different programs of giveaways where participants are given awards or dollars for the completion of an activity  for a certain program.  There are regular giveaways and there are also special giveaway programs. 

The programs that i had participated and had been awarded are ; 

   The latest that i participated was about the survey where any member who answers the survey will be paid  $0.20  and i did it and was paid .

There are a lot of activities and also giveaways. I am short of time to catch up cause i also have other  websites and programs to attend to but to focus on this AskYouGet.com program i have a facebook page where you could participate in my group ,  for any questions about this program go to 

Don't forget to participate  on my headtalker , i tried this program which was the sites recommendation  to determine how far i can reach for AskYouGet.com program , just visit the link  open the site click on twitter, facebook, tumblr and linkedin and your visit would be recorded. Thanks  here's the link  https://headtalker.com/campaigns/askyouget-rod/


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