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Latest from TNT ( traffic network takeover)

I had posted two articles regarding the problems of cashout with Traffic Network Takeover which is owned by the consultant Ryan Hauser.  I am particularly concern why such a big time consultant Ryan Hauser is not giving any reply to what is happening with Traffic Network Takeover which he said is different and will not be like other revshare programs . He is saying this because he is an experienced  network marketer and a consultant.  He have a lot of experienced and he knows the reason why the other revshare programs are failing.

I have high regards with this guy even though i had not earned yet for almost a year with any of his programs.  I cannot imagine why a $50 cashout could not be given,  which is a little amount from my more than six months of  clicking, visiting and investing on his revshare .

I had not deleted my account since the site had not been closed and i still received messages about my account , the latest was about the closure of my request for a cashout which had n…

Traffic Network Takeover still a problem

From my last article i had discussed that this revenue sharing site of Ryan Hauser is not paying requested cashout which is still pending last November 29, 2016 . And they have not replied or explained what is happening.  Its not only me ,  all members in TNT complaining and Ryan says its been hacked . He should know that he's an expert :

The latest message was still there soliciting of payment for the membership which will be the way they can get rid of their obligation to cashout . They will just say you are not paying the membership then you cannot have a cashout.  And they will only say we are paying according to the order of request,  i dont know when will be my time.

AT THIS TIME , December 22, 2016  no explanation whatsoever with Ryan Hauser and his fate would be the same as the Traffic Monsoon , except  the owner of the TM has a lot of money which can pay any member , i dont know with Ryan Hauser . His other revenue sharing site will suffer the same and his other programs

Problem with Traffic Network Takeover of Ryan Hauser

I met the programs of Ryan Hauser when revenue sharing programs was at its "boom" . This was the time when  traffic monsoon  was leading the revenue sharing euphoria was at its highest.  I also registered with Ryan Hausers  free site for its free training.

At first the free training site was "free"  then when he made the program a paying one. The payment was for those who are affiliated with his revenue sharing programs which was booming at that time. The payments which was a monthly fee was for the referrals and the free training.  Luckily after a few months i had about eight referrals but not active ones, until i felt its not working. This was also the time when "traffic monsoon" was having problems with its finances with paypal and up to this time a case with Securities and Exchange Commission.

I felt that there was a problem with "traffic network takeover" when my cash withdrawal that i was requesting was on the pending status but later it …

first donation is a milestone

Milestone means an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I consider a first donation a milestone which was only a few days after joining the platform.

I consider milestone or the start of development in online earnings when in only a few days you received registration for the platform and the 1st donation came in. Thanks 

What do you think of a program online is this ? Let me discussed this and explained about this ?

This is a platform, an income earning software, not a website, no one owns it, no monthly payment and its free to join but there is a big potential for you to earn.  Its actually a peer to peer system where members pay and earn from donations. The developer of this program explains in detail on the video what is 

The idea that i had seen about peer to peer system is on bitcoin but there was central system which is blockchain that governs the bitcoin technology. But this crowdrising.net…

My Paying Ads getting greater

In my experienced with revenue sharing programs for almost a year its only this last quarter of the year 2016 that i am getting some good results.  The revenue sharing programs which i register as a member had problems with Paypal and now SEC. Though in the past other revenue sharing sites had also suffered accounts locked with Paypal but they had overcome it and their money was brought back to them.  They are also some sites that were not affected and i would consider now getting results; 

My paying ads is not an investment site but a traffic generating site and shares their income on traffic sales which is actually was the scheme ever since traffic sites were online. The term revenue sharing programs was actually a catchy word and we may consider the present traffic sites sharing their income has a much higher give out than the traffic sites before and until now.  I am still a member of this traffic exchange sites like clixsense which are low in results in terms of traffic and shares…

Is MPA the same as TM

MPA  is "my paying ads" and TM is "Traffic Monsoon" both are recognize as revenue sharing programs.  So should we say that MPA is the same as TM ? I would say that they are the same is the sense that its both an advertising sites , a revenue sharing program where you buy adpacks and earn from it and also a paid to click program.

The difference with this two revenue sharing programs as described was that TM still have a case with Paypal and now with SEC (US) but with MPA the money that was frozen with Paypal had been returned and they had some changes with their policies ( we will examine that the later) . With the paypal issue resolved and with MPA's continuity online , it probably had been exonorated as an investment site where Paypal or SEC is closing revenue sharing programs.

The much difference in my experienced with this two revenue sharing sites was that i had bought a lot of adpacks with traffic monsoon that runs about a thousand and had only returned less…

income generating sites late 2016

For many years online here are the latest "income generating sites late 2016" I would consider it a software in the sense that you can put all of your PTC links with this program.  Doing this consolidation of all of your PTC income generating sites makes it easier and faster to surf. You dont have to put the PTC sites link to a tab and surf in there. There are sites that does not permit you to do this. It also has a comment section where you can chat and refer your other links PTC or not to other members.  It also is a good program to get referrals for your PTC sites.  To get all unlimited ptc links you have to upgrade which is only $2 a month. The site is simple, all of the PTC links in one place, place to get referrals, cheaper to maintain and its more helping you with so many PTC sites. This is a revenue sharing program it is one of my remaining rev share sites that i am maintaining. I d…

Are revenue sharing programs going bankcrupt ?

Are revenue sharing programs going on bankrupt ? 
I am saying this because with traffic monsoon having a case with US  SEC which still had no decision yet and still going on trial . It probably have affected a lot of other revenue sharing programs which was popular but now no more.
Now what is happening with "trafficnetworktakeover" it is not working. I cannot login , there is no communication with the admin i know its Ryan Hauser. Whom is busy with other porgrams that he is developing the Ryan University , exitus,  easy1up , crowdfunders, these are all not revenue sharing programs.
Hey "Mr Ryan Hauser' what is happening  are you getting off revenue shares program and raising money with other programs?
What is also happening with Mastering Ads? 
Just to give some information with Ryan Hausers sites . Mastering ads is a site where ryan gives guides regarding revenue programs . He gives links to many revenue programs at the site  and had offered links where you could be hi…

Rise from the crowd its a goal

Its a nice name for a website,  when i stumble upon it i presume that being a member will "rise you from the crowd" especially when at this time you sitll are struggling to get that stage. 

Here's is crowdrising , my head upline inviter classify this not as business but its a software,  a platform,  actually its a peer to peer or person to person link. You start to register as a donor , for $20  upon approval your already on stage 1 and ready to receive your $20 back,  and not only that $80 more will make you $100.  Then you are ready for stage 2,, and so on to many stages.  When i started with this software,  my head upline help me with 2 referrals in day 1. Its really working , start of $20 is not even a cost of a coffee / per day. 

Here'  is more 

COME ON NOW AND JOIN IN  !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets be recognize from the crowd , a lot of you are waiting to rise from the crowd

Will Traffic Monsoon still recover ?

Traffic Monsoons problems had not stop , which started when paypal freeze a lot of money of his account . Other website on the new revenue sharing programs there funds were also frozen for scrutiny if this sites are doing "ponzi" or profit sharing .  Traffic Monsoon is the biggest, but since TM had attorneys it was able to agree to paypal that the frozen money would be returned this August or September 2016.  For me and a lot of members where waiting for this to happen and  TM even suggessted to surf on ads of the site to 50 ads so as to bring back the Alexa ranking of the site to its glorious days. 

But the problem became magnified when the Securities and Exchange Commission came in to stop the operations of the website.  Now the SEC is proving the charges with TM that its a profit sharing company and not only a traffic site. For details about this case , please visit this is where updates regarding Traffic Monsoons status is being posted. 


Surfing 50 seconds instead of 10 seconds

What this change will do to for YOU and Traffic Monsoon:
- Achieve Better Services - Better Alexa Rank - Help You Earn Even Better - Increase Profit Margins In The Services We Offer - Strengthen the Business - Secure Long-Term Sustainability Due to Supply/Demand - Deliver Visitors To Your Websites Faster - Help you grow your Brand by reaching more of an audience
All that for LESS than 1 minute more of surfing!
How Will This Be Achieved?
Surfing only 50 MORE SECONDS per day !!!
- REDUCED SURF TIMER TO 5 SECONDS (NOT 20!) - SURF 50 ADS (NOT 10) - Reduce Surf to Earn Credits 2/3 For Paid Members - Reduce Surf to Earn Credits 1/3 For Free Members
Think about it.  10 ads for 20 seconds each = 200 seconds 50 ads for 5 seconds each = 250 seconds
So in reality, the amount of time surfed to qualify in revenue sharing is only an additional 50 seconds than before.
As ALWAYS you can SURF unlimited sites to earn unlimited FREE advertising credits!
The goal of traffic monsoon services is to give adve…

my active rev shares july 2016

This are my active revenue sharing program to this date July 16, 2016 an update ; actually this is not a revenue share program but the site of the guru  Ryan Hauser where  he recommends through this site revenue sharing programs that he put up  (you will find this later ).  I personally registered here because as a member or paid member you are free to go around the site and avail of the program within the site. At the moment he has this first three recommended sites , then the next three more and the the third steps he recommends the payment processors that you will need in the course of the your interaction with revenue sharing programs.  You also will have free banners and other links where you can promote this masteringads. org site and also other rev share programs through his banners. You are also on the list of  recipients of  his downlines for mastering ads recommended programs if you have registered with…

fort ad pays will make changes

A spanish revenue sharing program , a unique site and surely it is also now a company where members can purchase shares of stocks not only revenue sharing earnings. With their experience they now are developing some changes in their program.  


We will see the actual implimentation on  May 10, 2016,  this will definitely be an instrument on the continuity and stability of the rev share program of  Fort Ads pays. This will gladly attract a lot of members on the rev share community .

Money from Paypal , Traffic Monsoon

I had posted an article about Traffic Monsoon but this one is more of an update . The latest issue about Traffic Monsoon was about the frozen money fron their payment processor Paypal but the latest was that  "money from paypal of Traffic Monsoon " would be finally turnover on August 9/ as what the statements i had stumble upon lately ; 

When I started with  Traffic Monsoon it was all curiosity and have tried to register as a free member. Then when i decided that its a good and paying ad site, the TM meet its problem of funds. They were trying to hide the problem at first but later they admit that a part of their funds were Frozen by paypal so members had to used other payment processors. 
Update from Charles at Traffic Monsoon regarding their PayPal account freezes. Funds are expected to be released from PayPal Aug 9th. "Pending Balances" and "Pending Adpacks" will be active and accessible as soon as released. What effect will this have on Traffic Monsoon? I…

My paying ads

AS what the title says  " my paying ads" it is a site that literally ads site that is paying. You purchase ads and it also gives back in return  some sort of cashback.  Like the whole revenue sharing programs and sites , whether you call it  "cashback", some earnings , it is what every online money seeker wants.

Mypayingads is another of the site that was affected by the policy of Paypal. That was the time when i registered with this site . I was thinking that i cannot survive because their funds was freezed by Paypal.  So it  had to undergo some changes and it had surpassed the problem. They have a new site and since i did not purchased much adverts before i did not mind waiting for the site to install its new one.

Here is the dashboard of the new site ; 

  Cost of the ad packs ; 

The maturity of the ad packs is not determined , whenever there are sales this is where the earning opportunties of the members are based . WATCH THIS  !!…

Fort Ad Pays a spanish rev share site

One of the best Revenue Program as recommended by Ryan Hauser the rev share guru.  Fort Ad Pays is an online marketing platform where  members can promote their referral links for other businesses, products or services. It also offers shared commission by purchasing packs of shared commission.  The owner is   Pedro Fort Berbel, Fort Ad Pays Inc., Company No. 3371, 58 River Bank, Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica)

As we all know rev share sites are almost the same , advert site , advert platform and an earning opportunity site with shared profits or cashbacks.  But as of the latest Fort Ad Pays is different in the sense that   

Here is the latest offer !! 
You can now buy shares automatically by  clicking on this link  (with 2pay4you or ADVCASH) .Remember that during the first 15 days , the price per share is 250 usd (in the second issue will be worth 300 usd). Limited actions. All information on the actions click here . For details  click on the link , if interested on buying shares of th…