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latest on my traffic monsoon

In my latest blog i discuss about the 2016  Year of the Revenue Sharing sites that is now sprouting all over the internet.   I had shared my revenue share sites about 7 of them , now i will discuss it one by one for  you readers,  who like me is looking or making money online and this revenue shares are making  it simpler to earn online . Its not like the PTC days when you click on many sites to earn more ,  promote your  PTC sites links to any other advertising site that you can find online as well as in any forum and social media sites and even not purchase anything but only work on the advert sites. It had been a hard earned days and hard earned way to earn.  

With the revenue sharing sites  you have to purchase advertising packages . There is no way that you will earn without purchasing adverts because it is one basic way of getting earnings from this "revshare sites" . Here you will have extra advertising credits but  you can used it within the revenue sites for possible…

Free Website for Rev Shares members

I have about ten revenue shares site and there a lot more on the web . There is and will be a lot of competition for members for this revenue shares site.  So far i am still new to the revenue share opportunities and a lot of more to learn and earn. 

For my new and latest experienced with revenue shares i would like to share to you Ryan Hauser a guy who is trying to help members on the revenue share sites by giving his expertise on "FREE WEBSITE and consultation , he is presently active with a lot of revenue shares.

He's link and presently had created a site for those who are interested to link to his funnels and his promotion of your revenue programs and site  click on this  ;
 Upon visiting the site you will be arriving at the home page with a video that would explain what is in the website and what to steps to take. Its steps 1 to 7 , there are also links for capture pages and banners for you to promote that will include your li…

2016 Year of Revenue Shares

As to my experienced this year 2016 is the year of the Revenue Shares !   I have said this because now there are a lot of sites "sprouting on the web" that is now involve on "sharing revenues". Though this is not a new idea  since  Paid To Click is also some sort of sharing revenues, though you dont have to buy ad packages  to earn but needed to earn more , the earnings is what the site could only share .

I am considering "Traffic Monsoon" as the initiator or the starter of the "revenue sharing" . This site had been and is being a model of  a lot of revenue shares sites, "REVSHARES" as we can call it.  So what is the basic system on "revshare sites".  

Like "Traffic Monsoon" you have to buy adpacks as a starter you purchase $50 worth of ad packages that will give you 20ppc and 1000 banners ads, then you will have to visit the site and click on ten (10) ads daily.  But remember when you buy adpacks , you must choose &q…

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Get Paid by doing simple task

Image is the very latest program that is starting to be popular this year2016. I found this site on facebook , the owner is Jeff Long and i had known him before because he was also a member of one site that i had registered. He was good in earnings and had a lot of referrals but the site was closed for fund problem, a lot of members had not been paid.  From then on i had seen some of his works but had no chance to register, this is the only one which i think will be surely a hit. 

I was attracted by the caption of "Get paid by doing simple task" because this is what i am looking for which is like the paid to click site its easy just visit the site and click the ads and you will be paid after reaching the withdrawal amount. 

And knowing that the site is owned by Jeff Long whom i had already known his work that probably had he's  a multi millionare by now , so i registered and at first just only tried to be a free member then eventually upgraded.  

Just like &quo…

Changes to Traffic Monsoon very attractive

I should have done this before but its never too late to share the experienced . These is about being a member of Traffic Monsoon.  Its not a long time since i register with the site,  its common that when you surf on a site and like it  i register.  The most important in registering with the site is that you believe you will be earning with their program,  so its what attracts me with Traffic Monsoon. 

I never followed the video that i had to purchase adpacks , i was doubting the program on my first few days and months. What i did was just tried the program and also purchase not the cost of of  $50 dollars but only to buy clicks. 

I had some earnings as a free member but it takes a long time to earn $5  it would take about a month or two.  It did not pushed me to purchase the adpack with sharing position. I just do the clicking of 10 ads per day and visit the site to see the "cashlinks". Cash links as the ads that gives you the earnings thats what i know before. 

Now what push…

A Big Change to Traffic Monsoon

Now Here the owner   Charles Scoville   of Traffic Monsoon speak to you about the great change to come  with the site,  WATCH NOW 

The owner is in Dubai with his partner a Syrian announcing the plan to transfer to Dubai  established an office at the World Trade Center and establish a bank where members could be given his own card for deposit and withdraw...

This video explains the present financial status of Traffic Monsoon and the reason for its transfer to Dubai and establishment of a bank which would help the members and the company as well. 

It also announces the transition from paypal to payza and eventually to TM world bank.  For those who are still using paypal there is still 30 days before the transition to payza so if your not registered with payza  get sign here

For those who are not members of traffic monsoon join now and reap the benefits.

Traffic Monsoon its getting more bigger

I received an email from the founder/ owner himself about changes to traffic monsoon. Its getting more bigger , here's the email; 

    Well  don' t be left with this trend ,  getting more bigger 
        for TRAFFIC MONSOON and having  your own ATM
        card  join now ..

2016 welcome with new revenue sharing sites

I am always open to new earning sites before its Paid To Click sites,  then its bitcoin which is right now gearing to its rise and now  late 2015 , coming this 2016  "a lot of sharing revenue sites are sprouting ".  If you will examine it its almost like "paid to click sites" because it deals mainly with advertising,  but the difference is that  your purchase of ads packs earns.  All of these as i had examine  was started with  TRAFFIC MONSOON" ..Let's deal first with these system !!

See This video to have an overview of the TRAFFIC MONSOON system;
The above video will guide you on how to get start with TRAFFIC MONSOON how to register. purchase adpacks , visit the site daily and earn your way.
If you are not ready yet to earn big time, then register as a free member .  You will still earn but as i had experienced  there is really a need to upgrade because you will be earning more. 
See these earnings ;  

Traffic Monsoo…

Its 2016 "WELCOME" this are earning opportunities

We are welcoming the New Year " 2016 with new and exciting prospects that will surely give us new
money and other big opportunities , it had been a long few months that i had not posted since there things that i had been busy in the family , love ones , jobs and other online opportunities .

So  on the late 2015 ,  there are opportunities that  I have met  and will certainly be the new 2016 money making ventures ;

 Still the best on my earning site , it continuosly pays every week this 2015 though i had not posted  paypal payments , Dont waste your time with other PTC sites that youll  be waiting for a long time to cashout , this is quaranteed to pay you weekly. 

One of the pioneering PTC  that i had been a member and it is really reliable and  many members had already had great earnings 

One great site that had developed from an ad sites, now an also an opportunity earning site that have great features you can purchase ads for a low cost or get credits by clicking on ads, earn from re…