2016 welcome with new revenue sharing sites

I am always open to new earning sites before its Paid To Click sites,  then its bitcoin which is right now gearing to its rise and now  late 2015 , coming this 2016  "a lot of sharing revenue sites are sprouting ".  If you will examine it its almost like "paid to click sites" because it deals mainly with advertising,  but the difference is that  your purchase of ads packs earns.  All of these as i had examine  was started with  TRAFFIC MONSOON" ..Let's deal first with these system !!

 See This video to have an overview of the TRAFFIC MONSOON system; 


The above video will guide you on how to get start with TRAFFIC MONSOON how to register. purchase adpacks , visit the site daily and earn your way.

If you are not ready yet to earn big time, then register as a free member .  You will still earn but as i had experienced  there is really a need to upgrade because you will be earning more. 

See these earnings ;  

Traffic Monsoon since it beginning had already helped a lot of people earn thousands of dollars. The site had already hit the no. 1 in traffic  and a lot of members are campaigning for these site. These program is  leading the way for a new kind of advertising and earning  not the kind of Paid To Click then earn.  It is more of Buying Ads , clicking on a few ads then earning from clicks,  from members, referrals and ad packs revenue shares.   Join now start with being free you will still earn but buy adpacks then earn , more adpacks earn more 


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