2016 Year of Revenue Shares

As to my experienced this year 2016 is the year of the Revenue Shares !   I have said this because now there are a lot of sites "sprouting on the web" that is now involve on "sharing revenues". Though this is not a new idea  since  Paid To Click is also some sort of sharing revenues, though you dont have to buy ad packages  to earn but needed to earn more , the earnings is what the site could only share .

I am considering "Traffic Monsoon" as the initiator or the starter of the "revenue sharing" . This site had been and is being a model of  a lot of revenue shares sites, "REVSHARES" as we can call it.  So what is the basic system on "revshare sites".  

Like "Traffic Monsoon" you have to buy adpacks as a starter you purchase $50 worth of ad packages that will give you 20ppc and 1000 banners ads, then you will have to visit the site and click on ten (10) ads daily.  But remember when you buy adpacks , you must choose " ad packs with sharing positions" because this adpacks will give you earnings and with your visit and clicking of ads, you could also earn from cash links and also from your referrals.  Though "traffic monsoon" is the pioneer and had already reached millions on revenues but their system are what other "revshares" site are following; 

My Revenue Sharing Sites; 







Ok, this sites is where i am concentrating my adpacks, revenue shares and traffic.  With these sites you are earning while promoting. You buy adpacks, then your visit daily is earning though all of these sites have different policies, all of these are sharing their revenues. The more adpacks you purchase the more you will earn, the more you have referrals then the more you also earn but you have to be active , be patient and your reward your sacrifice. Good luck to all , join me now with the new REVSHARES..



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