A Big Change to Traffic Monsoon

Now Here the owner   Charles Scoville   of Traffic Monsoon speak to you about the great change to come  with the site,  WATCH NOW 


The owner is in Dubai with his partner a Syrian announcing the plan to transfer to Dubai
 established an office at the World Trade Center and establish a bank where members could be given his own card for deposit and withdraw...


This video explains the present financial status of Traffic Monsoon and the reason for its transfer to Dubai and establishment of a bank which would help the members and the company as well. 

It also announces the transition from paypal to payza and eventually to TM world bank. 
For those who are still using paypal there is still 30 days before the transition to payza so if your not registered with payza  get sign here  https://secure.payza.com/?zqO58RLOfRrNJobxm2NlxU4v8qS68A0Rjv05fD5MAJc%3d

For those who are not members of traffic monsoon join now and reap the benefits.


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