Changes to Traffic Monsoon very attractive

I should have done this before but its never too late to share the experienced . These is about being a member of Traffic Monsoon.  Its not a long time since i register with the site,  its common that when you surf on a site and like it  i register.  The most important in registering with the site is that you believe you will be earning with their program,  so its what attracts me with Traffic Monsoon. 

I never followed the video that i had to purchase adpacks , i was doubting the program on my first few days and months. What i did was just tried the program and also purchase not the cost of of  $50 dollars but only to buy clicks. 

I had some earnings as a free member but it takes a long time to earn $5  it would take about a month or two.  It did not pushed me to purchase the adpack with sharing position. I just do the clicking of 10 ads per day and visit the site to see the "cashlinks". Cash links as the ads that gives you the earnings thats what i know before. 

Now what pushed me to buy the bigger amount of ad packages which is $50 was the changes that will happened to Traffic Monsoon, its very attractive. Traffic Monsoon will have its office in Dubai and the payment processor will change from paypal to payza and later to  the bank of Traffic Monsoon.  Later it will have its own  card where the withdrawals and deposits could happen. 

With the  email and the announcement of  the owner founder  Mr. Stockville i was  convinced that this will be big  and  the mere fact that it is leaving Paypal which was a big company in terms of payment processing. And mind you establishing a bank for  Traffic Monsoon is also AWESOME. 

Given this thinking about Traffic Monsoon i readily purchased the  $50  adpack. 

The new adpack had given me only on the first day a  list cashlinks  about 55 list and a total earnings to date  about  $2.00  which is only a day after my purchased. 

Do i should have done purchasing adpacks before it is still not late , its only beginning to grow. So those who are  ambiquos about this program  join me here now and  reap the benefits of earning more


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