Get Paid by doing simple task is the very latest program that is starting to be popular this year2016. I found this site on facebook , the owner is Jeff Long and i had known him before because he was also a member of one site that i had registered. He was good in earnings and had a lot of referrals but the site was closed for fund problem, a lot of members had not been paid.  From then on i had seen some of his works but had no chance to register, this is the only one which i think will be surely a hit. 

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I was attracted by the caption of "Get paid by doing simple task" because this is what i am looking for which is like the paid to click site its easy just visit the site and click the ads and you will be paid after reaching the withdrawal amount. 

And knowing that the site is owned by Jeff Long whom i had already known his work that probably had he's  a multi millionare by now , so i registered and at first just only tried to be a free member then eventually upgraded.  

Just like "Traffic Monsoon" being a free member does not give you big earnings so the only way to get big earnings is by upgrading. In being an upgrade member you will be pushing yourself to reach the monthly payment that you have subscribed like with "  it is $27 /month. Lately there are few simple task to work on, so we are still on a beta stage. The site started only this December so the the first few months still have a lot of problems. 

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The simple task at the moment is clicking on the button with instructions liking the fan page,  the site or registering on the program. This are very simple then you are being paid from $.04 to $.08.. So as of now these are my earnings with

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There are still improvements  to be expected with this site just like my earnings i need to reach the monthly subscription amount to maintained my being an upgrade member. So clicking on the task, getting of referrals is a must so as to increase the earnings. So we will see. If you like this program join me here at ""


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