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In my latest blog i discuss about the 2016  Year of the Revenue Sharing sites that is now sprouting all over the internet.   I had shared my revenue share sites about 7 of them , now i will discuss it one by one for  you readers,  who like me is looking or making money online and this revenue shares are making  it simpler to earn online . Its not like the PTC days when you click on many sites to earn more ,  promote your  PTC sites links to any other advertising site that you can find online as well as in any forum and social media sites and even not purchase anything but only work on the advert sites. It had been a hard earned days and hard earned way to earn.  

With the revenue sharing sites  you have to purchase advertising packages . There is no way that you will earn without purchasing adverts because it is one basic way of getting earnings from this "revshare sites" . Here you will have extra advertising credits but  you can used it within the revenue sites for possible referrals and or earning positions for your account. And if you want to earn more , be ready to spend more thru promoting of your "revshare links". 

TRAFFIC MONSOON ( the initiator and roll model for revenue sharing sites)

        What is traffic monsoon ? It is an advertising traffic exchange site , where you can be a free member or purchasing advertiser to promote any of your programs.  The minimum adpack to buy is $50 and you get 20 PPC and 1000 advertising credits for your banners and sharing positions or non ( this is the difference with other traffic exchange sites.  A requirement is needed to earn revenue shares, by clicking a minimum of 10 ads in a day generated from sales of services.  You will also receive 10% commission when someone you refer buys a true and legitimate advertising service. Other details for FAQ ?

When i stumble upon "traffic monsoon" i registered as a free member only and just click on the site to earn few dollars the site is also  a PTC combine with traffic exchange site but with other features to earn.  ( see the image below for my withdrawals as a free member)

       This proves that "traffic monsoon" is a credible traffic exchange site and is really paying.

What pushes me to purchase adpacks and see the real earnings was the move of the owner to transfer his payment processor from Paypal  to payza ( while establishing his own bank in dubai as well as making  the payment card of  Traffic Monsoon)  

There are also a lot of video testimonials of people making big amount of earnings though "traffic monsoon" , it had only been a year online.  

Updates  when i started to buy adpacks

I started  January 12/16 with 1 adpack buy purchasing $50 worth of adpacks less my recent balance of about $5. 

 In the image above you can see that i only started purchasing adpacks in January 12, 2016 then i repurchase again on January 30, 2016. With the latest adpacks purchase i only add up about $30 with my balance on my account of $20 , this $20 i would say is the earnings from 1st adpack purchase which is about $1/day to my estimate with 1 sharing position.  Now with the latest 2 adpacks i am considering to be earning about $2/day this this without referrals. 

Since i purchase another adpacks which is 2 sharing positions now , i dont forget to visit the site everyday even every hour if i have time and clicking also on ads not only the daily  requirement of 10 ads daily but more, which also increases the number of advert credits but also click on "cashlinks" 

Now the latest on my account ; 

January 31/2016; 

 I will post an update probably on the middle of next month or if there's a need. Probably i would post again on another repurchase with paypal since i can still use it before the transfer to payza. If your convince that this program is good try it join me in traffic monsoon.


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