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Get Paid Social in 3 months

I would like to share my experienced with a new site that i believe is a potential for earning income online. This is , the owner is Jeff Long whom i recall his name when we are a member before of  Data Network Affiliates , he made a lot of money on these site , he's the super affiliate unluckily the DNA  becomes a scam site.  After this site , i never had indulge with any of Jeff Long's  program not until this one,  I remember he had some  other programs but i just dont know if they had prospered.  I read an article about some other sites of Jeff long from this article ""

The writer sees some information for the readers to weigh in to join in or not? 

The GetPaid Social website was registered by Long in September of 2015 and the address given was US state of Nevada.There has been a few things Jeff Long has been a part of.  The first company he launched was AutoXTen in 2011 and that didn’t go anywhere… The seco…

Adlikesshare revshare site limits cashout

Adlikesshare is one of the revenue shares that i registered but  lately it had made limits to those who are cashing out. Though i had no plan of cashing out , its a good thing to know that  adlikesshare is just one of the revenue sharing site that are now having some problems with  payment processors. It is not because they dont have money or capital its just the payment processor PP is holding their funds  for an investigation.  This payment processor that suddenly hold some accounts and stops companys operation because of suspicions of big earnings is not good for the revenue sharing site. 

Here's adlikeshares which i started  January 5, 2016 , look how it had grown today February 15, 2016

I started with  $5  with 5 adpacks and i was able to buy as of now 24 adpacks and the earnings had already reached  $4.628 as of February 15, 2016  but more so if you will add up 24 adpacks which cost  $1 per adpack  the total earnings  is about  quadruple. 

With  the latest problems brought abou…

Adaxel revenue sharing site in two months

Adaxel  a revenue sharing site  for about two months

Adaxel ad packages and sharings  
Adaxel offers ;  

   MINIMUM DEPOSIT  ; $5    CASHOUT ; $5  min  $100  

MY ACCOUNT STATUS AS OF  February 3, 2016 from December  6, 2015

With a minimum of $5 purchased it shows  an earning of more $5 the adpacks positions/ ad credits .The only thing i do is click on 10 ads daily , click also on PTC ads  and promote the site for a chance to get referrals.  JOIN NOW TO HAVE YOUR EARNINGS  HERE AT ADXL

Start with 1 adpack then increased to more

Adslikeshare , another revenue sharing site on my list 

Same as with other revenue sharing sites , you register purchase adpacks, visit the site , click on 10 ads daily , earn also from PTC ads and promote the site for referrals where you could also earn more.  Start with 1 adpack then increased to more !

The revenue from each pool is distributed to the active packs of the same pool only.The maximum active packs that members can have are 200 for Pack-Plans 1-4, for Pack-Plans 5-8 are 300, Pack-Plans 9-11 are 400, for Pack-Plan 12 where members can have a maximum of 600 packs.  Members should maintain a minimum of 1 active packs in one Pack pool before purchasing from next higher Pack pool.  

Profit Sharing:
We share profits (excluding 10% that is paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee) from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Business Listing (Packs) from us. Each $1 value of Adpack gives you 10 Bonus Business Directory Listing Credits.
To maintain long…

adspaypro another revenue sharing site

One on the list of my revenue sharing  site is adpayspro.  I found this site as being recommended by Ryan Hauser  , he is the guy that offers Free Website or links for many revenue sharing sites on the net. He also has a lot of other programs but he is more concentrating now with promoting his "mastering ads" links that gets your affiliate links from revshare sites and promote it.  But unluckily he is now  flipping on giving a freewebsite or  paid website.  

When i saw his offer of helping others to promote their revenue sharing site i was attracted because there is no one that i had met online that is doing this noble deeds.  Helping others promoting their programs and having referrals , giving free websites is really a hard task.  Not until now February 2, 2016 that results of his survey had not been posted yet. Will he be continuing his goal or the method was "Free Now and Pay Later" which is just a ploy to get others to join in. 

Well  here's  "adspaypro

Traffic Goals lesser cost to start

In my long years of experienced in making money online . This year would be an expensive one.  What i mean was that  purchasing of adpacks are needed bigger amount to earn from sharing positions like  my "traffic monsoon" which was $50 to start with the adpack and earn from sharing positions.

Though i am ready to purchase many adpacks  i cannot put my resources in just one basket so there is really a need to put some money in other  revenue sharing sites because if anything happens to one site there are still more site to depend on.  So with this in mind  one revenue sharing site that i choosed was ""  This site i do believe has lesser cost for adpacks not like  "trafficmonsoon" .  is also an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunities to members through revenue sharing.

Registration is needed free or upgraded but a need to purchase adpacks is a requirement to earn from revenue sha…