Adlikesshare revshare site limits cashout

Adlikesshare is one of the revenue shares that i registered but  lately it had made limits to those who are cashing out. Though i had no plan of cashing out , its a good thing to know that  adlikesshare is just one of the revenue sharing site that are now having some problems with  payment processors. It is not because they dont have money or capital its just the payment processor PP is holding their funds  for an investigation.  This payment processor that suddenly hold some accounts and stops companys operation because of suspicions of big earnings is not good for the revenue sharing site. 

Here's adlikeshares which i started  January 5, 2016 , look how it had grown today February 15, 2016

I started with  $5  with 5 adpacks and i was able to buy as of now 24 adpacks and the earnings had already reached  $4.628 as of February 15, 2016  but more so if you will add up 24 adpacks which cost  $1 per adpack  the total earnings  is about  quadruple. 

With  the latest problems brought about by the payment processors  ALS ( adlikeshare)  is not depending on only one payment processors is it recommending other payment processors like  solid trust pay, bitcoin , payeer and  perfect money.  So since the site is still new it would not be a problem for  the site to grow. 

I do believe  this revenue site will grow  as what it is showing  with about two months . So i would recommend ADLIKESHARE  for you. 


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