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One on the list of my revenue sharing  site is adpayspro.  I found this site as being recommended by Ryan Hauser  , he is the guy that offers Free Website or links for many revenue sharing sites on the net. He also has a lot of other programs but he is more concentrating now with promoting his "mastering ads" links that gets your affiliate links from revshare sites and promote it.  But unluckily he is now  flipping on giving a freewebsite or  paid website.  

When i saw his offer of helping others to promote their revenue sharing site i was attracted because there is no one that i had met online that is doing this noble deeds.  Helping others promoting their programs and having referrals , giving free websites is really a hard task.  Not until now February 2, 2016 that results of his survey had not been posted yet. Will he be continuing his goal or the method was "Free Now and Pay Later" which is just a ploy to get others to join in. 

Well  here's  "adspaypro"  !! is an online marketing business who's primary rule is for the members to be coached and helped by the sponsor ( other help thru skype)   I did not know this only now when im posting this article. I only knew that "adspaypro" is like otther revenue sharing sites that shares profit to members. 

One of the primary aspect that is being emphasized on this site is growing the downlines because it is from this downlines that earnings will be mostly coming, aside from revenue shares from the adpacks that had to be bought.  Maintaining the membership fee or purchase for adpacks , starts from $1 with different levels  BRONZE,  to PLATINUM.  

The chart above gives a more detailed description for membership levels and the corresponding revenue shares multiplier and the requirement for each level of membership.  The basic for qualifying for a revenue shares is the purchases of ad packs and  regular or daily visit and clicking of  10 adsites. 

 Started  as a member from January 17/2016 as a bronze member; 

AS you can see on the image i am a bronze member but i have about  lesser than a month to maintained my adpacks. Continually visiting the site and clicking 10 ads site per day gives me earnings as  you can see on the cash balance.  But given there are no referrals yet which would come commissions for the sales of adpacks,  so its only a smaller value on gaining the cash balance. The need  have referrals is a must  if not  a staggard  purchases of adpacks might  fasten the cash balance while  promoting the site with other traffic exchanges for the referrals.  Get in now and let us helped each other with adspaypro.


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